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Leverage our technology for your platform, help merchants and brands grow, or introduce companies to their new favorite solution.

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For technologies interested in providing analytics to their install base. Whether through a native embed or simple referral structure, we can help extend analytics to your customers.


Play a pivotal role in introducing new merchants and brands to Glew, while providing services that help them start and grow their eCommerce businesses.


Get world-class support and earn commission by sending businesses our way. Glew offers an analytics solution for every size ecommerce business - at any budget - which means we can help everyone

Why partner with Glew?

More Revenue

Access to favorable commission and reseller structures that you can use to reinvest in your business or create a profit center. Leverage your consulting and marketing skills to generate value for your customers with Glew professional services.

Gain new customers

With 50,000 users in more than 80 countries, you'll be front and center within the Glew ecosystem. Additionally, our Solution Partner Listing provides a place to market your products or services directly to the people who want to work with you.

Expand insights for your customers

Whether through natively embedding our app in your product or leveraging it to provide new value-added services for your audience, we're here to help you you, and your customers, grow!

Access to exclusive rates

Members of our partner program get access to exclusive rates when it comes to customer expansion. Need to scale your new offering to your base? We'll help you get there through exclusive pricing plans.


"At MindArc, we are constantly searching for innovative tools to support and help our clients growth. We do this by leveraging various partners and technologies to help analyze, develop and implement new strategies to create beautiful ecommerce experiences.

When we came across Glew, we knew that we had to share this tool with our customers. Glew enables us to see all of our clients key metrics from various channels in one dashboard, meaning we can make strategic, data-informed decisions with ease."


"Vervaunt is an energetic but professional ecommerce and paid media consultancy. We were born out of a mutual passion for helping premium brands and ambitious retailers grow online, sustainably. We work with a portfolio of respected ecommerce businesses and we’re very proud of this, as well as the relationships we retain with these clients and our combined achievements.

When we found Glew, we knew this was the tool to help our clients with more complex reporting and ultimately growth. Glew is super helpful with Shopify and can help to solve some key issues, particularly with multi-store. This easy to use tool has ensured we can make informed decisions with ease."

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