Glew Custom Reporting

Create your ecommerce analytics landscape.

Create the reports that deliver the insights you need to manage your business. Glew Plus allows for custom reporting across 180+ integrations so your entire business - from the CEO to the analyst - can see the data they need.

Unify your data for custom reporting.

Your business is unique. Your reporting should be too. Glew Plus simplifies the data architecture required for in-depth reporting. 180+ integrations, seamlessly managed, blended, and available for report building.

Identify trends across your entire business.

From customer support to inventory management, Glew Plus is your one-stop-shop for business intelligence. Want to see the average ticket score by rep for the past week? No problem. How about top products by reviews and Q&As? We have it. What about your Amazon Ads performance? Analyze away. Empower all your teams with the data they need.

Create bandwidth for your team.

Building and managing an ETL process, data warehouse, and BI tools can be cumbersome and time consuming. Glew Plus simplifies this process in one easy platform so you can spend more time on creating value for your customers and less time managing infrastructure.

Connect and maintain data sources.

Easily connect, transform, and maintain 180+ data sources with our straight-to-integration process and built-in data warehouse. Data prep is automatic and API updates are handled for you - no maintenance required.

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Custom Reporting

The personalized reporting you need to run your business.

Your data transformed like never before. Unify your ecommerce tech stack reporting - from your ads to your ERP - to gain a holistic view of your business and customers. Harness the intelligence you need to become the master of your business.


We handle the entire ETL process for 180+ integrations so your developers can focus their efforts on more important things for your business.

Glew makes ecommerce integrations easy

BI Reporting

With each Glew Plus license, you'll receive a bundled Looker license for drag-and-drop reporting. This flexibility allows you to create your custom reports in a market-leading BI tool leveraging the Glew Intelligent Warehouse

Data Warehouse

All of the data you need is then securely stored and normalized in our Amazon Redshift tables for querying by Mode or your BI tool of choice.

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Your Custom Reports

With Glew Plus, you'll have drag-and-drop reporting across 180+ integrations, with pre-built data joins and custom Glew measures. Along with the power of the included Looker license, you'll be able to create as many custom reports as you like, tailored for your business.

Glew Plus and Gorgias

Enterprise Data management

Enterprise Data Management, made easy.

Glew Plus gives you a single place to connect, analyze and report on data from across your business. Get a data pipeline, data warehouse and data visualization solution, all in one - so you can invest more resources back into driving revenue.

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