AdRoll Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew gives you actionable insights on your AdRoll campaigns, for smarter marketing strategy.

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  • Track ad spend and effectively manage your AdRoll budget to maximize ROI, for less
  • Evaluate channel and campaign performance and identify opportunities for growth
  • See all your marketing and campaign data in one place for comprehensive performance reporting
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Reporting and analytics to drive your AdRoll strategy.

Get the insights you need to develop strategy that drives results, across AdRoll and all your other marketing channels.

Track ad spend and profitability in one place to get an accurate read on your campaigns' effectiveness. See what's driving the most new customer acquisition, so you can double down on your most successful efforts. Add data to scheduled reports alongside your other marketing channels, for easy access to your most important KPIs.


Ad spend
Return on ad spend
Lifetime value
New customers
Repeat customers
Average order value by channel
Refunds by channel
Lifetime return on ad spend by channel
Lifetime value to customer acquisition cost by channel
Profit per new customer by channel

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Get accurate attribution reporting.

See exactly how many new customers your AdRoll campaigns are bringing in with advanced attribution reporting. Choose your attribution model and connect customers to the exact channel and campaign they came from.

Optimize budgets for profitability.

Track your ad spend, orders, revenue, profitability and lifetime value in one place to see the value your AdRoll campaigns are adding to your bottom line. See what's working and what's not, and optimize budgets for the greatest ROI.

Access multichannel marketing insights, in one place.

Get a complete view of your marketing channel performance, with data from AdRoll, Facebook, Instagram, email, influencers and more in one place. Easily compare KPIs across channels to make sure you're allocating your marketing resources in the most efficient way.

Connect your AdRoll account in Glew in just a few clicks.

You'll be able to access AdRoll KPIs in Glew as soon as your data is imported and transformed.


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