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Shopify Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect your Shopify store with data from across your business in minutes, for unified Shopify reporting and analytics in one place.

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  • See Shopify sales, inventory, and product data alongside Google Analytics, Amazon, Facebook, Google Ads, Recharge and more
  • Automate advanced Shopify reports across your marketing channels, customers, products and inventory
  • Access powerful KPIs and visualizations instantly with Glew's multichannel Shopify ecommerce dashboard
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Grow your Shopify store with powerful reporting, analytics and insights.

When it comes to data, your Shopify store is the heart of your business. To get actionable insights, you need to see that data in the right context - from your marketing channels to the apps you use for loyalty, reviews and customer support.

Glew connects Shopify with all the other tools you use, for better and more powerful multichannel reporting and analytics in one place. That means you can identify opportunities, take action and see results, faster.


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Performance KPIs

Conversion rate

Customer analytics

Customer table and individual profiles
Pre-built and custom segments
Purchase behavior analysis
Abandoned carts and abandoned cart amount
Order dates
Cost of goods sold
Campaign/channel attribution

marketing analytics

Channel and attribution reporting
Email KPIs
Ad spend by channel
New and repeat customers by channel
Cost of goods by channel
LTV by channel
LTV:CAC by channel

product analytics

Product table and individual profiles
Product tags
Pre-built and custom segments
Cost of goods sold by SKU
Revenue by SKU
Orders by SKU
Quantity sold by SKU
Quantity and amount refunded by SKU
Profit by SKU

Inventory analytics

Quantity available
Quantity sold
Product status
Sell through rate
Inventory velocity
Average price
Depletion days
Out of stock date
Holding cost
Retail value
How Oatly is Scaling U.S. Ecommerce Operations with Glew

How Oatly is Scaling U.S. Ecommerce Operations with Glew


Leading oat drink company Oatly entered the U.S. market and began selling direct-to-consumer for the first time in 2017. After ramping up production to meet demand, Oatly is gaining insight into their ecommerce and subscription data and laying the groundwork for future ecommerce expansion with Glew.

Oatly entered theU.S. market and began selling direct to-consumer

2017- 2018
Growing consumer demand quickly outstripped supply

Increased manufacturing capacity; saw an opportunity to reach consumers via ecommerce subscriptions

Added Glew as reporting and analytics solution; gaining insight into ecommerce performance as they look toward future expansion

With Glew, Oatly has enjoyed:

  • Saved time, greater efficiency and more accuracy in ecommerce reporting
  • Data from across sales and marketing channels in one place, with an intuitive user experience
  • Instant access to critical KPIs across customers, products, channels and subscriptions
  • Reporting insights that are helping to lay the groundwork for future ecommerce and subscription expansion in other markets

Shopify + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Connect Shopify with your marketing channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads and more, to close the loop between campaigns and conversions and understand what's really working.

Shopify + Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Track and measure email marketing performance, create customer segments for campaigns (like top spenders, lost customers or abandoned carts) and automatically sync segments with email platforms like Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

Shopify + Subscription Analytics and Reporting

Sell a subscription product? Connect Shopify and Recharge in Glew for better insight into your subscription performance, including subscription profitability, lifetime value, retention and churn.

Connect your Shopify store in Glew in minutes using your Shopify login.

As soon as your Shopify data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.

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