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WooCommerce Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew blends the data from your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more for unified reporting and analytics!

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  • See WooCommerce data with Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and more to drive smarter marketing efforts with better analytics and reporting
  • Leverage powerful segmentation to better understand and connect with your WooCommerce customers
  • Get actionable product and inventory insights to help you identify opportunities and maximize profitability
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All-in-one reporting and analytics for WooCommerce stores

Glew integrates WooCommerce seamlessly with all the other apps and platforms you use to run your business, delivering powerful cross-channel analytics and advanced reporting for WooCommerce stores.

From sales and marketing to customers, products and more, Glew makes it easy to understand and take action on your WooCommerce data, with powerful pre-built dashboards and scheduled reports.

Whether you’re planning your budget, optimizing campaigns or evaluating product sales, Glew gives you unparalleled insights to drive growth and streamline WooCommerce reporting.


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Performance KPIs

Conversion rate

Customer analytics

Customer table and individual profiles
Customer tags
Pre-built and custom segments
Purchase behavior analysis
Relationship length
Customer status
Abandoned carts and abandoned cart amount
Order dates
Cost of goods sold
Campaign/channel attribution

marketing analytics

Channel and attribution reporting
Email KPIs
Ad spend by channel
Orders by channel
Revenue by channel
New and repeat customers by channel
Refunds by channel
Discounts by channel
Cost of goods by channel
AOV by channel
Profit by channel
Return on ad spend by channel
Lifetime return on ad spend by channel
LTV:CAC by channel

product analytics

Product table and individual profiles
Product tags
Pre-built and custom segments
Top-selling products by channel
Cost of goods sold by SKU
Revenue by SKU
Orders by SKU
Quantity sold by SKU
Quantity and amount refunded by SKU
Profit by SKU

Inventory analytics

Quantity available
Quantity sold
Product status
Sell through rate
Inventory velocity
Average price
Depletion days
Out of stock date
Holding cost
Retail value

WooCommerce + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Segment and save customer lists based on criteria like purchase frequency, average order value and more. Sync segments automatically with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, or export them. Track new and repeat customers and active, at risk and lost customers to identify your best opportunities for acquisition and retention.

WooCommerce + Product Analytics and Reporting

Get the data you need to answer important questions about your merchandise and product bundles. What products in your store are reordered most? Which products are hot and cold? Where are your largest margins? Which products help you acquire the most new customers—or retain high-value customers? Measure the unique trends and metrics associated with each SKU you sell to tailor your selling approach for each item and uncover revenue opportunities hiding in your data.

WooCommerce + Performance Analytics and Reporting

Glew helps you connect, analyze and visualize performance data from all your major data hubs. Our ecommerce analytics dashboards tie together siloed data and allow for seamless reporting in one place. Get a deeper understanding of your marketing efforts with metrics like advertising spend, revenue, profit and lifetime value by channel. Seamlessly tie campaigns to conversions with attribution reporting. Start with the top of your sales funnel and track ecommerce performance all the way to your bottom-line.

Connect your WooCommerce store in Glew in just a few clicks using your WooCommerce login.

As soon as your data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.


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