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Facebook Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Get a better understanding of how Facebook ads impact your business - and access the insights you need to develop a winning advertising strategy.

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  • Dedicated dashboards for Facebook KPIs, available instantly
  • See which campaigns and ads are helping you acquire the most new customers, at the lowest cost
  • Understand the profitability of your Facebook campaigns now and long-term with lifetime value metrics
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Actionable Facebook insights, for smarter marketing strategies.

Report on Facebook advertising KPIs alongside your ecommerce and other marketing channel data, for a unified view of performance and actionable insights that drive smarter marketing strategy.

Track key metrics like ad spend, orders, revenue, AOV, LTV, new and repeat customers and profitability by campaign. Filter and segment data to easily identify your highest- and lowest-performing campaigns and ads.

Plus, see Facebook data alongside all your other channels, to help you decide how to prioritize your marketing resources.


Ad spend
Return on ad spend
Click through rate
Conversion rate
Lifetime value
New customers
Repeat customers
Average order value by channel
Refunds by channel
Discounts by channel
Lifetime return on ad spend by channel
Lifetime value to customer acquisition cost by channel
New customer acquisition cost by channel
Profit per new customer by channel

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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See where your customers are coming from.

See how many new customers you're getting through Facebook campaigns, and how it stacks up to acquisition from your other marketing channels. Compare data using Facebook attribution, first-order or last-click.

Track campaign profitability and lifetime value.

Understand the impact of your Facebook campaigns in real-time and long-term. Know exactly how much it costs you to acquire a customer through Facebook, compared to how much they'll spend with you over time.

Make decisions backed by data.

Easily track the KPIs you need to develop a smart, profitable Facebook strategy. Know which campaigns and ads are performing—and which ones aren't. Understand where to invest your marketing resources for the greatest return.

Connect your Facebook advertising account easily in Glew using your Facebook login.

When your data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access Facebook KPIs and dashboards instantly.


How is ad spend attributed to Facebook versus Instagram?

Ad spend in Glew is pulled in directly from Facebook Ads Manager and will default to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or Audience Network, depending on your campaigns.

Why am I seeing a discrepancy between data in Facebook and in Glew?

If you’re seeing a discrepancy between the Facebook performance data you see in the Facebook Ads Manager and in Glew as it relates to orders, revenue, conversion or ROAS, there could be a few reasons:

  • Attribution window: For Facebook metrics, we use Facebook’s standard attribution model (7-day click, one-day view). That means Glew will display data for purchases that happened within one day of someone seeing a Facebook ad or within 7 days of someone clicking on a Facebook ad. We used first-purchase attribution throughout most of the rest of the app, meaning that all purchases will be attributed to the channel that originally drove them to purchase from you.
  • Actions: Glew counts Actions taken off your ad, which are counted as action type = “purchase” on your website.

All other data relating to ad spend, impressions, and clicks should match what you see in your Facebook Business Manager account.

If you are looking at the correct attribution window, counting the same action type and still seeing a disparity in your data, please get in touch with us at

My Facebook channel data isn't displaying as "Facebook" under Channels on the Performance tab. What's happening?

If your Facebook channel data isn't properly displaying as "Facebook" under Channels, check how your order sources are tagged. If you're using "fb" as an order source rather than "Facebook," these orders may not be attributed correctly in Glew. Use "Facebook" to ensure they are mapped correctly. The same is true for "ig" versus "Instagram."

A similar problem can occur if you use a tag like "referral" for Facebook orders - Glew will not be able tell whether they should be associated with paid or organic traffic. Use tags like "paid" or "paid social" to ensure they are mapped correctly to the "facebook-paid" channel.

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