Inventory Analytics

Manage inventory and sell smarter with advanced inventory analytics in Glew, including inventory velocity, sell-through rate, depletion days, holding cost and more.

Actionable insights from your inventory data.
  • Make sure you always have the right amount of product on hand. Track what's selling quickly and what's almost out of stock
  • See what's taking up costly shelf space, and develop effective discount strategies to move products faster
  • Stay ahead of seasonal trends and holiday buying patterns with historical product and inventory reporting
  • Price products more effectively and profitably
  • Schedule and automate inventory reports, so you know instantly when it's time to re-order

Actionable insights from your inventory data.

Report on all your inventory KPIs in one place, including quantity available, sell through rate, inventory velocity, depletion days, out of stock date and more.

Filter and segment data to see your fastest- and slowest-selling products, or the products you need to restock soon. Save segments and schedule recurring inventory reports to easily access your most-used data.

Stock, sell and price your products smarter with inventory analytics.

A successful ecommerce strategy starts with inventory. Glew's inventory analytics and reporting help you easily see what you're selling (and what you're not) so you can manage your products better.

Track hot products and know exactly when to re-order, so you don't miss out on revenue when customers are ready to buy.

Know how much it's costing you to keep inventory, and when you should discount to move slow products faster. Develop a profitable pricing strategy that drives customer acquisition and your bottom line.

Plus, automate your inventory reporting for instant access to the data you need.

Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs

Daily performance KPIs

Product status
Quantity available
Quantity sold
Sell through rate
Inventory velocity
Depletion days
Out of stock date
Average price
Cost per unit
Holding cost
Retail value
Date filtering and segmentation

Ecommerce Insights

Customer insights

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Customer segments

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Easy access to all your inventory KPIs.

Report on your inventory KPIs alongside your sales, marketing, customer and product data, without running manual calculations or building complex reports.

Glew automatically connects and syncs your inventory data, so it's easy for anyone to access through pre-built dashboards and tables and scheduled reports.

Learn why Glew is the best ecommerce analytics tool to get the solutions you need.

From organizing customer data into 30+ pre-built customer segments for informed decision-making, to important data about products, customers, inventory, channels, and campaigns, we have the best ecommerce analytics on the planet.

Our integrations with Google Analytics and 180 other applications enables you to track your customer journeys, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, optimize pricing, and learn what makes your business tick.

Don't like the way we've laid out our reports? Glew Pro also allows you to create customized ecommerce dashboards that provide personalized views about how your online store is performing. Need custom reporting? Glew Plus extends custom reporting functionality to every integration we support!

Book a demo to learn how our ecommerce analytics can help you gather relevant data, make informed decisions, and increase your profitability.

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