Glew Pro

Grow your ecommerce business.

Get the insights you need to analyze your business, identify trends and patterns, and sync customer and product segments with leading email platforms.

Understand performance across channels.

Whether you're a DTC brand, agency, or store, Glew Pro gives you 250+ powerful KPIs across sales, marketing, inventory, subscriptions, ad performance and more - all at your fingertips!

Slice and dice the data

With powerful filtering across customers, products, orders, and more - the combinations are virtually endless. Plus, once you've built a filter you want, you can save them as your own custom segments for easy callback.

Plan for scalability.

Glew Pro offers the ability to sync multiple stores within a single Glew account, so differentiating between regions, ad campaigns, and different ecommerce shops is a cinch for growing brands. Are you an agency who needs to add multiple clients to a single, managed agency account? We've got you covered.

Connect and maintain data sources.

Easily connect, transform and maintain 40+ data sources with our straight-to-integration process and built-in data warehouse. Data prep is automatic and API updates are handled for you - no coding required.

Glew Pro: Revenue analytics to scale your business

Intuitive dashboardS

The data you need to scale your ecommerce business.

Your data transformed like never before. Unify your ecommerce tech stack reporting across 40+ tools to gain a holistic view of your business and customers. With 300+ unique filtering options, you can combine them for nearly unlimited segmentation.

Performance Metrics

Analytics across different ad platforms, email campaigns, and overall channels are at your fingertips with our advanced performance reporting.

Glew Pro: Order analytics to scale your business

Product Insights

Easily track your highest volume, highest margin, most profitable, top bundled, most refunded, top products by channel, and more. We give you the insights you need to make smarter advertising and inventory decisions.

Glew Pro: Product analytics to scale your business

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics like you've never seen before. See recently purchased items, customer status, suggested products, LTV, customer segments, and more for the most comprehensive customer segmentation and reporting on the market.

Glew Pro: customer analytics to scale your business

Order Intelligence

Get a holistic view of each order with metrics around order status, revenue, shipping costs, cost of goods sold, profit margin, shipping metrics, discounts, promo performances, and more.

Glew Pro: Channel analytics to scale your business

Subscription Analytics

Gain a better understanding of your subscriptions with retention cohorts, new and one-time charges, revenue, MRR, churn, plan segmentation, your subscribers, and more with our intuitive subscription analytics and reports.

Glew Pro: subscription analytics to scale your business

Amazon Marketplace

Have an Amazon Marketplace store you want to report on? No problem, we allow marketplace-specific reporting for select integrations, including Amazon.

Glew Pro: Acquisition analytics to scale your business

Scheduled Reports

Like a report or dashboard in the app, but don't like where it's at? Build your own dashboards with existing reports and filters, then save and schedule them to be emailed to anyone at any time on any interval. We give you the power to see your data in the way that makes the most sense for your business and needs.

Sync with Klaviyo and Mailchimp

Sync customer segments and product information back to Klaviyo and MailChimp for personalized campaigns. Out-of-the-box reporting for 30+ pre-defined customer segments and recommended products.

Glew Pro: products to scale your business

SEAMLESS Data management

Multichannel data management, made easier.

Glew gives you a single place to connect, analyze, and report on data from across your business. Get a data pipeline, data warehouse and data visualization solution, all in one - with no technical expertise needed to set up or maintain.

Glew Starter: In-app guides

Intuitive Guides

Have a question about a metric or filter?

Along with in-app guides, you'll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who can help train you and your team on how best to navigate, interpret, and leverage Glew Pro.

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