Subscription Analytics

Powerful subscription analytics and reporting to help you manage MRR, understand subscription profitability and LTV, drive retention, reduce churn and more.

Actionable insights for subscriptions, subscribers and plans.
  • Dedicated dashboards for subscription businesses, with the metrics that matter most
  • Filter and segment data on the subscription, subscriber and plan level
  • Drive acquisition by identifying the products and plans that help you attract the highest-value subscribers
  • Better manage cash flow and financial projections with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) metrics
  • Easily track subscriber retention over time, and identify which products and plans contribute to churn
  • Track subscription profitability and lifetime value to understand the true impact of subscriptions to your bottom line

Actionable insights for subscriptions, subscribers and plans.

Easily track the KPIs you need to manage and grow your subscription business, from MRR and profitability to subscription LTV and churn.

Break out subscriptions and one-time purchases, or view them together for unified reporting.

Get powerful insights on subscriptions, subscribers and plans, to optimize every part of your business.

KPIs designed to help subscription businesses grow.

Glew's subscription analytics are designed for subscription businesses, so you get the exact insights you need to understand performance and drive growth.

Blend your subscription data with the rest of your ecommerce tech stack for advanced reporting on MRR, profitability, lifetime value, retention and churn. Easily manage subscriber frequency, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and custom frequencies.

Identify your most profitable subscription plans to help drive acquisition and retention.

Plus, keep everyone on the same page with easily accessible dashboards and scheduled reports.

Ecommerce Metrics & KPIs

Daily performance KPIs

One-time purchases
Subscription COGs
Churned MRR
Average MRR per subscription
Churn rate
Subscription conversion
New and repeat subscribers
Subscription discounts
Subscription refunds
Subscriber KPIs
Subscription KPIs
Plan KPIs

Ecommerce Insights

Customer insights

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Customer segments

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See how subscriptions analytics drive your bottom line.

Understanding and optimizing your subscription business requires more than just managing MRR.

Automatically sync your COGS data for a true view of subscription profitability, and understand the long-term impact to your business with subscription, subscriber and plan LTV.

Get the data you need to grow your subscription business, in one place.

Learn why Glew is the best ecommerce analytics tool to get the solutions you need.

From organizing customer data into 30+ pre-built customer segments for informed decision-making, to important data about products, customers, inventory, channels, and campaigns, we have the best ecommerce analytics on the planet.

Our integrations with Google Analytics and 180 other applications enables you to track your customer journeys, analyze the performance of marketing campaigns, optimize pricing, and learn what makes your business tick.

Don't like the way we've laid out our reports? Glew Pro also allows you to create customized ecommerce dashboards that provide personalized views about how your online store is performing. Need custom reporting? Glew Plus extends custom reporting functionality to every integration we support!

Book a demo to learn how our ecommerce analytics can help you gather relevant data, make informed decisions, and increase your profitability.

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