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Glew is the leading ecommerce analytics solution for Founders, Marketing Leaders, and Ecommerce Leaders. With over 180 integrations, Glew brings all of your data under one roof and serves it up in 200+ KPIs that are ready to roll and unlimited possibilities for custom reporting to meet your brand's specific needs. Glew makes your data talk. Get the answers you need to drive revenue.

"Everything is at my fingertips to make the decisions we need to make, quickly. Things
are changing every day and we're trying to stay as nimble as possible, and Glew helps
you not be buried in spreadsheets that are instantly irrelevant." -

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The Integrations You Need

Connect data across your entire business, for insights that drive your bottom line. Glew integrates with leading tools across ecommerce, operations, marketing, warehouse management and more to give you cross-platform reporting.

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Answers at Your Fingertips
Alerts & Automation

Get data-driven insights faster, with features designed to save time and eliminate manual reporting tasks. Access instant dashboards, automate recurring reports, and get a daily performance snapshot in your inbox.

Performance analytics

Stay on top of the metrics that matter. Report across customers, products, channels, subscriptions and more, with powerful performance KPIs, pre-built visualizations and data filtering and segmentation.

Enterprise analytics

Finally, a business intelligence solution built to scale. Connect and transform any data source, for report-ready multichannel data. Create custom reports and dashboards, or develop your own enterprise analytics application.

"Glew definitely helped us get a better sense of what channels we needed to put more behind and really focus on, what channels weren’t really working for us, and what channels we could kind of just let play out."
The Little Market
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"Powerful tool, providing in depth analysis and easy-to-use reporting. Even though they are constantly improving the product, it's easy to keep up through their educational content and stellar customer service."
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"Great investment for us! We researched several analytics tools and Glew was definitely the choice for us given our limited bandwidth as a small team. It's integrated with many of the ecommerce tools we use to run our day-to-day operations. Highly recommend."
Tea Drops
"Glew is hands down the best analytics platform for merchants in the Shopify world. It integrates with our entire tech stack and gives us great insights into our data."
Better Way Health

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