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Magento Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Get the data you need to drive strategy for your Magento store, with intuitive Magento dashboards and unified advanced reporting across your entire tech stack.

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  • Connect Magento data with Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Klaviyo and more
  • Easily uncover your most profitable marketing channels, your most valuable customers and your most popular products
  • Find actionable insights, instantly, with pre-built dashboards and automated reports
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All-in-one performance reporting for Magento stores.

Connect all of the data sources you use with your Magento store to get a holistic view of performance across your entire business - from advertising to email marketing to customers, products and more.

Your Magento analytics just got better. Glew gives you a single, streamlined place to report on your multichannel data, with powerful dashboards and actionable insights. That means you can see what's working and what's not, identify opportunities and take action to grow your business - across every part of your business.


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Performance KPIs

Conversion rate

Customer analytics

Customer table and individual profiles
Customer tags
Pre-built and custom segments
Purchase behavior analysis
Relationship length
Customer status
Abandoned carts and abandoned cart amount
Order dates
Cost of goods sold
Campaign/channel attribution

marketing analytics

Channel and attribution reporting
Email KPIs
Ad spend by channel
Orders by channel
Revenue by channel
Discounts by channel
Cost of goods by channel
AOV by channel
Profit by channel
LTV by channel
Return on ad spend by channel
Lifetime return on ad spend by channel
LTV:CAC by channel

product analytics

Product table and individual profiles
Product tags
Pre-built and custom segments
Top-selling products by channel
Cost of goods sold by SKU
Revenue by SKU
Orders by SKU
Quantity sold by SKU
Quantity and amount refunded by SKU
Profit by SKU

Inventory analytics

Quantity available
Quantity sold
Product status
Sell through rate
Inventory velocity
Average price
Depletion days
Out of stock date
Holding cost
Retail value

Magento + Attribution Reporting and Analytics

Develop a smarter marketing strategy when you connect your Magento data with your marketing channels and campaigns. See what's working and what's not, get accurate attribution and prioritize your highest-performing marketing efforts.

Magento + Customer Reporting and Analytics

Use powerful data filtering and customer segmentation to identify important customer groups—including VIPs, big spenders, most active customers and at-risk customers. Then, use that data to reach your customers more effectively —and find more like them.

Magento + Product Reporting and Analytics

Track product KPIs across SKUs, tags, segments and vendors. See hot and cold products, top products by channel, most bundled and more, so you can promote the right products to the right customers. Plus, sync your COGS for true product profitability.

Easily connect your Magento store in Glew using our straight-to-integration process.

As soon as your data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.


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