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Good Migration: Using Littledata and Glew for a Smooth Migration from UA to GA4

In this webinar, Littledata and Glew join forces to talk about all of the work we’ve done to help your brand have a smooth and seamless migration. Als

Glew Plus Webinar: February 2023 Monthly Update

In this webinar:Resident experts, Nick Appenzeller and Mitch Hartjes walk you through the past month's monthly product release updates for Glew Plus (

Glew Plus Webinar: Forecasting, Budgeting & Targeting

In this webinar, Glew Plus experts, Nick & Mitch cover one of our most highly requested topics - Forecasting, Budgeting and Targeting.Quick hits:R

Exploring Customer Segments

In this webinar we cover:Customer segmentation in Glew, and which customer segmentsyou should be looking atHow to create custom segmentsHow to use seg

Creating Custom Daily Snapshots

In this webinar, we cover:Creating tiles with comparison periods or targetsExpanding the data sources used within your snapshotNew currency conversion

The Value of Glew for BigCommerce

In this webinar, we talk with online marketing and ecommerce expert, Lori Appleman, about trends that she's seeing in ecommerce and how you can use Gl

Post-Holiday Retention & The Key to Lifelong Customers

As a follow up to our 2022 BFCM webinar, this webinar focuses on post-holiday retention and strategies for turning your holiday shoppers into

Glew Custom Reporting Monthly Update [November]

For anyone who's tuned in previously, we've held a series of more highly specific webinars for Glew Plus and Looker, how to leverage that solu

Top 4 Ways to Prepare for Google Analytics 4

In this webinar we talk about the key differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, so that you and your team are "in the know."We a

The "BAT" Method: Benchmark, Action & Track

In this webinar, we go over The "BAT" Method - Benchmark, Action & Tracking and share how you can get powerful insights from Glew.Benchmark - esta

Multi-Store Reporting & Currency Conversions

In this webinar, we cover:Holistic, multi-store/aggregate reportingCurrency conversions via Glew's exchange rates tableCustom calculations for multi-c

Merging Results & Joining Data

In this Glew Plus webinar, resident expert Nick Appenzeller leads a comprehensive training session on merging results and joining data for Gle