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Understand your ecommerce business.

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Understand performance across channels.

Whether you're a DTC brand or a small online store, aggregate data across all your sales channels to understand your true performance, including net profit, top channels, top customers, lifetime value, top products, and more!

Insights delivered daily.

Receive a daily email of your data, so you're always up to date with the prior day's performance.

Plan for scalability.

Get to know your top products and customers, track your LTV trend, and measure improvements in net profit and AOV over time. We'll give you the high level metrics you should focus on - with guides to help optimize each.

Connect and maintain data sources.

Easily connect, transform, and maintain your data sources with our straight-to-integration process and built-in data warehouse. Data prep is automatic and API updates are handled for you - no coding required.

Intuitive dashboardS

The data you need to build your brand, in one place.

Empower data-driven decision making that drives growth, with intuitive dashboards and powerful insights across sales, marketing channels, customers, and products.

Sales Intelligence

Get a leg up on understanding your ecommerce performance with gross revenue, profit margin, gross profit, and net profit trends.

Glew Starter: Free ecommerce analytics for all

Customer Intelligence

Easily track lifetime value, at-risk customers, new and repeat customers, and identify your top customers all directly from your ecommerce platform data.

Glew Starter: Customer analytics to scale your business

Order Intelligence

Track your order performance, average order value trends, refunds, and total quantity sold with ease - all natively pulled from your ecommerce platform.

Glew Starter: Free ecommerce analytics for all

Acquisition Intelligence

Understand which channels and sources are driving revenue, while tracking store visits and conversion rates from Google Analytics.

Glew Starter: Sales analytics to scale your business

SEAMLESS Data management

Multichannel data management, made easier.

Glew gives you a single place to connect, analyze, and report on data from across your business. Get a data pipeline, data warehouse and data visualization solution, all in one - with no technical expertise needed to set up or maintain.

Glew Starter: In-app guides

Intuitive Guides

Have a question about a metric and how it's calculated?

Check out our amazing in-app guides to better understand why metrics are important, strategies and examples to improve them, and how we calculate them.

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