Product Updates

Get the latest updates on enhancements to Glew's Commerce Data Cloud.

Leveraging Glew's Integration with Google Sheets for Enhanced Data Management and Analysis

We're thrilled to announce that we have expanded Glew’s Commerce Data Cloud integrations to include Google Sheets! This integration opens up a world o

Glew Commerce Data Cloud Now Integrates with Narvar

Transforming Your Post-Purchase Experiences: Glew Commerce Data Cloud Integrates with NarvarWe're thrilled to announce that we have expanded the Glew

Glew Commerce Data Cloud and Amazon Vendor & Seller Central Integrations Unleash Insights for Global Brands

Glew Commerce Data Cloud is excited to announce two powerful new integrations. Glew Commerce Data Cloud users can now seamlessly integrate with Amazon

Glew + Looker Partnership

You asked. We answered. At Glew, our mission is to be the best ecommerce analytics platform on the planet. Making data more accessible is a key compo

Meet Glew Starter!

Welcome to Glew Starter – a free forever analytics product for new and growing brands to leverage their data for business growth and better performanc

New Feature: Google Ads

We’re kicking off the new year with one of the most highly anticipated new features to be added to Glew. We’re excited to announce that a dedicated Go

New Feature: Customer Segments 2.0

We just rolled out a feature update that we're incredibly excited about. Customer Segments 2.0 is a major overhaul and enhancement of our customer seg

New Feature: Subscription Analytics

We have a big update that we're so excited to share with you: our new Subscriptions platform is here! Subscription analytics are notoriously difficul

Customer Groups and Tags: Why You Should Use Them (and How You Can in Glew)

Some retailers may have one primary customer base - a local boutique that markets to millennial women, for example, or restaurant supply store that ca

New in Glew: Integrate Your Shipping Data

Have you ever looked at your Glew dashboards and thought to yourself, “Man, it would be great if I could see all my shipping and fulfillment data here

What's New in Glew: Channel Mapping

How to Enable Channel MappingThe Problem Channel data from Google Analytics is messy. In order for line items to group together, the Mediums must be e

What's New in Glew: Custom Lapse Point & Instagram Ad Spend

Glew Now Separates Facebook & Instagram Ad Spend Ad spend coming from Instagram campaigns are now separate from Facebook Ads in Glew. Track your a