About Us

We are Glew

At Glew, our mission is to empower commerce brands by providing a seamless data experience built on unwavering trustworthiness. We exist to ensure organizations have reliable, up-to-date data at their fingertips, enabling them to drive mission-critical processes, strategically position products,  reach the right audiences, and ultimately foster sustainable growth and success.

Our Founding Story

Glew was founded in 2014 by father-and-son entrepreneurs Michael and Carmen Vadini. Drawing from their decades of experience in enterprise technology, they saw an opportunity to revolutionize business intelligence. Traditional BI platforms were powerful but complex, costly, and difficult to implement. Michael and Carmen envisioned a more accessible solution that could deliver enterprise-grade analytics through a user-friendly, streamlined approach. 

With this vision in mind, they created Glew – a business intelligence platform for commerce companies designed to be incredibly powerful yet remarkably simple to set up and use. By removing the barriers of complexity and cost, Glew empowers commerce organizations to unlock the true potential of their data and gain valuable insights to drive growth and success.

Today, Glew continues to push the boundaries of BI, providing a comprehensive yet intuitive platform that delivers actionable intelligence to the people who need it most – from executives and analysts to sales teams and marketers. Our mission is to make data-driven decision-making accessible to everyone, enabling commerce businesses to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.

Our Core Values


We win and learn as a team. By combining our talents and working cohesively, we can tackle complex challenges more effectively and find innovative solutions that drive better results.

Focus on What’s in Your Control

We concentrate on what is within our control, maximizing our effectiveness and navigating obstacles with purposeful determination. This approach enables us to drive positive outcomes and adapt to challenges with resilience.

Create a World of Glewbies

We are dedicated to exceeding expectations, delivering exceptional service, and creating a remarkable user experience that inspires our customers to become brand advocates. Through "Fanatic Evangelism," we harness the power of enthusiastic endorsements and word-of-mouth marketing to foster growth and success.

Find Patterns and Execute

At Glew, we don’t just notice patterns; we dive deep into understanding them and turn insights into action. By recognizing recurring trends, we proactively analyze and address them to drive impactful results and sustained growth for your business.

What is Glew?

Glew’s Commerce Data Cloud provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their operations by seamlessly integrating data from marketing, operations, finance, e-commerce, product management, and inventory into one centralized source. By automating the entire data process—from ingestion and warehousing to report generation—Glew ensures unparalleled data accuracy, availability, and comprehensive insights to fuel business growth.

With over 170 integrations spanning e-commerce, email, shipping, advertising, and subscription platforms, Glew consolidates diverse data sources into a single, unified source of truth, transforming decision-making and strategic execution across your organization. 

Our Team

Carmen Vadini
Dominick Campagna
Nick Astroth
Julianna Meidell
Head of Marketing
Max Heinrich, CPA
Head of Finance
Shikah Agrawal
Head of Product Data Management