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Glew + Looker Partnership

January 10, 2022

You asked. We answered.

At Glew, our mission is to be the best ecommerce analytics platform on the planet. Making data more accessible is a key component of that mission and gone are the days where you need to be technical to access the data that matters most.

We ring in the new year with a new motto: No SQL Talent? No problem. We're excited to officially announce our partnership with Looker!

Our decision to partner with Looker was built on the premise of building better reports - faster. Looker allows for the flexibility of drag-and-drop report building across all 180 integrations, without sacrificing customizability. A few of the highlights can be seen below!


  • World class solution from Google
  • No-code report building
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Intuitive visualization library
  • No HTML or SQL required to produce reports
  • Email/Slack reports to anyone
  • Enhanced user roles

Interested in learning more about Looker and Glew Plus? Request a demo today!

What does this mean for me?

For our Customers:

If you're a Glew Starter or Glew Pro customer looking for greater flexibility with drag-and-drop reporting, or have always wanted to explore some of our Glew Plus integrations, now is the time! If you're a Glew Plus or Glew Plus Premium client, we have a transition plan in place for those interested in leveraging Looker.

For all clients interested in Looker, reach out to your account manager or to learn about new pricing incentives.

For our Prospects

If you've ever considered Glew Plus in the past, but didn't have SQL talent, this pivot is perfect for you. Looker allows for no-code report building and editing, bringing insights faster without the need for technical resources. This completes our value proposition of removing the technical overhead required to launch, maintain, and leverage big data projects.

Data extraction - Automated

Data loads - Automated

Data transformations - Automated

Data schema - Standardized

Report building - Drag-and-Drop

With Glew Plus + Looker, access 180+ integrations ETL'd and maintained in your Glew Intelligent Data Warehouse. Build and access the insights and reports you need - fast and easy - with no technical resources required!

Get started with Glew.

Try a free trial of Glew Pro – no credit card or commitment required.

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