Glew Commerce Data Cloud Now Integrates with Narvar

February 21, 2024

Transforming Your Post-Purchase Experiences: Glew Commerce Data Cloud Integrates with Narvar

We're thrilled to announce that we have expanded the Glew Commerce Data Cloud’s integration capabilities to include Narvar, the premier customer engagement platform for post-purchase experiences. This integration combines the power of the Glew Commerce Data Cloud’s comprehensive data analytics with Narvar's innovative post-purchase solutions, empowering commerce businesses to unlock new insights and drive growth like never before.

With this new integration, Glew Commerce Data Cloud users can seamlessly blend data from Narvar with over 150 other sources across e-commerce, operations, marketing, shipping, advertising, and subscription platforms. This means you can better understand your customers' post-purchase journey and leverage actionable insights to optimize every step of the process.

Key Benefits for Operations and Insights:

Streamlined Returns Management:

Businesses can gain a holistic view of returns and exchanges by integrating Narvar data with other sources, such as e-commerce platforms and inventory management systems. Technical users can analyze return rates, reasons for returns, and patterns over time to identify areas for improvement in product quality, sizing, or customer expectations. This enables proactive measures to reduce return rates and enhance the overall customer experience.

Optimized Inventory Management:

Leveraging data from Narvar alongside inventory data from e-commerce platforms and shipping providers allows businesses to optimize inventory levels and replenishment strategies. Technical users can analyze sales trends, delivery times, and stock levels to ensure optimal inventory allocation, reduce stockouts, and minimize overstocking. This leads to improved inventory turnover, reduced carrying costs, and increased profitability.

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics:

Integrating Narvar data with shipping and fulfillment data provides insights into the efficiency and performance of the supply chain. Technical users can track shipping times, delivery accuracy, and fulfillment costs to identify bottlenecks, optimize logistics routes, and negotiate better terms with shipping carriers. This results in faster order fulfillment, lower shipping costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Unified Customer Service Insights:

Combining Narvar data with customer support interactions from platforms like Zendesk or Freshdesk enables businesses to provide more informed and personalized customer service. Technical users can analyze order history, delivery status, and support tickets to identify common issues, trends, and opportunities for proactive support. This leads to faster resolution times, higher customer satisfaction scores, and reduced support costs.

Enhanced Forecasting and Planning:

By integrating data from Narvar with sales, marketing, and inventory data, businesses can improve demand forecasting and planning accuracy. Technical users can analyze historical sales data, seasonality patterns, and customer behavior to forecast future demand more accurately, plan inventory levels accordingly, and optimize marketing campaigns to drive sales. This results in reduced stockouts, minimized excess inventory, and increased revenue.

Key Benefits for Data Teams and Technical Users:

Unified Data Infrastructure:

Simplify data management and analysis by integrating Narvar data seamlessly into your existing data infrastructure. With's robust data integration capabilities, technical users can consolidate data from Narvar and other sources into a single, centralized data warehouse, eliminating silos and enabling cross-platform analysis.

Streamlined Data Refresh Processes:

Automate data refresh processes and ensure data accuracy with Glew's flexible scheduling and monitoring capabilities. Technical users can set up automated data refresh jobs to pull updated data from Narvar and other sources regularly, ensuring that analytics and reports are always based on the latest information.

Advanced SQL Analytics:

Leverage the power of SQL to perform advanced analytics and gain deeper insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and post-purchase engagement. With access to a unified dataset that combines data from Narvar with other sources, technical users can write complex SQL queries to perform cohort analysis, customer segmentation, and trend analysis, uncovering valuable insights to drive business decisions.

Custom Data Joining:

You can take advantage of Glew's flexible data modeling capabilities to perform custom data joins and enrichments. Technical users can use SQL to join data from Narvar with other sources based on custom business logic, creating comprehensive datasets that provide a holistic view of the customer journey and post-purchase experience.

Scalable Infrastructure:

Scale your data infrastructure with confidence, knowing that's platform is built to handle large volumes of data and complex analytics workloads. Whether you're analyzing millions of transactions or tracking customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, provides the scalability and performance you need to support your organization's growing data needs.

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