New in Glew: Integrate Your Shipping Data

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July 19, 2018

Have you ever looked at your Glew dashboards and thought to yourself, “Man, it would be great if I could see all my shipping and fulfillment data here, too?” If the answer is yes, we’ve got some good news for you. The Glew team just launched two new shipping integrations - ShipStation and Ship Central.

Why integrate shipping data

Shipping data is notoriously hard to track, and some of our Glew clients told us they were having trouble getting to the right metrics. They weren’t able to accurately calculate shipping costs, they wanted to be able to see data by carrier and at the order/package level, and they didn’t want to have to do it manually. So we got to work, and a few weeks later, ShipStation and Ship Central were launched.

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Why it matters for you

What does that mean for you? If you’re a Glew user who has ShipStation or ShipCentral, you can see all your shipping data in one place - alongside the other key metrics you track every day - and make use of Glew’s powerful filtering for more meaningful reports. That means you can keep a closer eye on important shipping data - and make smarter shipping decisions. If you use ShipStation or Ship Central and don’t have Glew, you can sign up for a free trial. Or, learn more about Glew.

Get a snapshot of your most important shipping KPIs

Our Shipping KPIs overview gives you immediate insights into your most important metrics, including orders shipped, total units, shipping costs, shipping paid by customers, shipping margin and average cost/order.

Shipping KPIs dashboard using ShipStation

Shipping KPIs dashboard using ShipStation

Use powerful filters and segments for custom reporting

The same powerful filtering and segmentation functionality available throughout Glew is also available for shipping, helping you create custom views and reports. Filter by custom date range or carrier, group data by day, week or month, segment shipped orders by location and more. For example, you can see shipping data for your orders from Canada as compared to your orders from the U.S., or see how you’re trending week-over-week or month-over-month.

Compare costs, revenue and orders by carrier

Do a deep dive into your shipping metrics with each carrier to compare costs, revenue and orders. You can filter to see all data for one specific carrier, or use the Shipping Carrier Analysis dashboard to easily compare across carriers for orders shipped, total units, shipping paid, shipping costs and more.

Shipping Carrier Summary dashboard using ShipStation

Shipping Cost per Carrier dashboard using ShipStation

Drill down into individual orders

You can even see shipping data for individual orders, including order ID, customer email, shipping date and time, units sold, shipping paid by the customer, shipping cost and shipping carrier. Like in the rest of Glew, you can filter this data and choose which columns you want to pin or hide.

Shipped Orders dashboard in Glew using ShipStation

Shipped Orders dashboard using ShipStation

See your shipping data alongside other key metrics

Glew’s ShipStation and Ship Central integrations seamlessly integrate your shipping data alongside your other key metrics like revenue, channel performance and ad spend, customer and inventory data and more. Create custom reports with the metrics you want and get them emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Make smarter shipping decisions

A better understanding of your shipping data means smarter decisions. Glew helps you keep a close eye on shipping costs and margins so you’ll know whether you need to consider raising shipping prices or product prices or switching to a new carrier - or whether it’s a good time for a discount or free shipping offer. You can even find major opportunities for growth - one Glew client saw their LTV skyrocket with higher shipping prices.

Getting started with shipping in Glew

If you’re already a Glew user and you use ShipStation or Ship Central, great! Just log into Glew and head to Store Settings → Integrations to connect your accounts - it will only take a few minutes.

Use ShipStation or Ship Central but not Glew? No problem. You can try Glew for free for 7 days. Connect your shipping platform, plus other integrations like ecommerce, payment, marketing, customer support, email, subscriptions, accounting and more to see your data at a glance and start creating custom reports. Want to learn more? Start a free trial.

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