Unlock your Data's Potential with Commerce Intelligence

Glew's Commerce Intelligence solution seamlessly integrates data from all your sources—online, offline, and marketplace—giving your team comprehensive insights for timely, informed decision-making.

Effortlessly automate the creation and scheduling of reports and dashboards to gain near-real-time insights into critical KPIs such as revenue, profit, order-to-ad spend, LTV, AOV, inventory, and more. Fuel your business growth with the power of unified, actionable data.
Glew is an amazing analytics aggregation service that allows you to view your data in one location. It has way better searching and filtering abilities than BigCommerce or the other services we have connected to it. Making a custom report and viewing any data you want is super easy. The Daily Snapshot email is extremely helpful.
Kyle Wells
IT Manager, Bulk Apothecary

Connect Data from Acoss Your Business

By Audience


Discover the power of your customer data with Glew's in-depth insights into purchase behaviors, enabling you to optimize marketing strategies, boost ROI, and drive sustainable growth.


 Streamline data aggregation across your entire brand portfolio and 170+ integrations with Glew, saving time and resources, ensuring data accuracy and consistency, and getting in-depth intelligence into your business.


Revolutionize your client reporting with Glew's Commerce Data Cloud, providing a single source of truth for actionable insights that drive growth and demonstrate your agency's value.

By Department

Marketing Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into campaign performance, customer segmentation and acquisition costs, and lifetime value with Glew.

Operational Analytics

Optimize workflow efficiency with unmatched insights on supply chain, order fulfillment, and logistics.

Financial Analytics

Access detailed financial analytics for accurate currency conversion, actual vs. plan, and ROI tracking.

Ecommerce Analytics

Analyze sales funnels, customer journeys, and conversion rates to boost online revenue.

Customer Analytics

Monitor customer satisfaction, response times, and issue resolution metrics to enhance support.

Product Analytics

Assess product performance, user feedback, and market trends to drive product innovation.

Inventory Analytics

Manage stock levels, reduce overstock/understock issues, and predict demand with precise analytics.

Retail Analytics

Assess product performance, customer feedback, and market trends to drive retail innovation.

Merchandising Analytics

Track product sales, seasonal trends, and pricing effectiveness to maximize revenue.

Empower Your Team with Comprehensive Insights

Glew's Commerce Data Cloud provides an end-to-end solution that empowers your team to effortlessly access and analyze critical performance data, enhancing decision-making across your organization. With Glew's Commerce Intelligence capabilities, your business can thrive on actionable insights, improving efficiency and driving growth.

Access your own data silo

Securely manage and control your dedicated data storage.

Connect any BI tool 

Integrate seamlessly with your preferred BI tools.

170+ connections in a few clicks

Link over 170 integrations in just a few clicks.

Automated ELT and data validation

Automate data extraction, loading, transformation, and validation.

Data stored and encrypted securely  on AWS

Secure data storage with encryption on a private AWS network.

Pre-built KPI reports and dashboards 

Access ready-to-use KPI reports and customizable dashboards.

Customized reports for deeper insights

Create custom reports tailored to your specific needs.

Elevate your Commerce Intelligence with Glew.

Request a customized demo today.

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