New Feature: Google Ads

January 8, 2021

We’re kicking off the new year with one of the most highly anticipated new features to be added to Glew. We’re excited to announce that a dedicated Google Ads dashboard - including reporting and analytics across campaigns, ad groups and ads - is now live in! 🎉

Why it matters: Google Ads reporting (outside of ad spend) was previously only available via custom report. In the coming days, it will automatically be available for all Glew users.

Read on for more information about our updated Google Ads features and capabilities. (Not a Glew user and want to check it out? Start a free trial or schedule a demo with our team.)

Google Ads in Glew

Glew’s new Google Ads dashboard includes powerful analytics and reporting for your Google advertising activities, allowing you to get better insight into your advertising performance, profitability and more, and seamlessly view Google Ads data alongside your other marketing channels.

With this update, Glew users can:

  • See KPIs, data visualizations and filterable tables for campaigns, ad groups and ads
  • Get instant access to metrics like ad spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, orders, revenue, average order value and more, and drill down into ad groups and ads for more granular insights
  • Report across all Google Ads campaign types, including search, display, shopping and video
  •  Easily view Google Ads performance by demographic (age and gender) and device
  • Add Google Ads data to scheduled and automated reports in Glew

You'll be able to find our new Google Ads dashboard at Performance > Advertising in your Glew account (just select Google Ads from the Platform dropdown).

What it means for you

Our Google Ads update has a big impact for users, who could previously access Google Ads data (other than ad spend) through custom reports. We've outlined some of the biggest benefits below:

Instant insight into Google Ads performance

Now, you don't need a custom report to get powerful Google Ads insights. Metrics like impressions, CPM, clicks, click-through rate, average CPC, average position, conversions, conversion rate, conversion value, orders, revenue, AOV, ROAS and more are available across campaigns, ad groups and ads, with filterable tables allowing you to segment your data for deeper dives.

Powerful attribution reporting

An automatic connection with your ecommerce cart data allows for more accurate attribution reporting, so you can see exactly how your Google Ads campaigns are impacting your bottom line and how many customers you're acquiring through ads. Easily access data like conversion rate, orders, average order value, return on ad spend and more.

Multichannel marketing analytics, in one place

Google Ads likely isn't your only advertising channel. With Glew, you can see performance for all your advertising channels in one place - from Google to Facebook, Instagram, affiliates and more. Compare orders, revenue, return on ad spend, lifetime value and more by channel, and add data to comprehensive advertising reports to see top KPIs across Google Ads and other channels.

See this update in your Glew account at Performance > Advertising (just select Google Ads from the dropdown). Interested in learning more? Start a free trial to see your Google Ads data in Glew, or schedule a live demo with our team!

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