New Feature: Customer Segments 2.0

November 16, 2020

We just rolled out a feature update that we're incredibly excited about. Customer Segments 2.0 is a major overhaul and enhancement of our customer segmentation features, designed to give you greater flexibility and precision in how you report on and engage with your customers.

Read on for more information about this update, what it means for users and the impact you'll see in Glew!

Customer segments in Glew

As part of our customer analytics and reporting, Glew uses customer segmentation to help you break out, evaluate and communicate with your customers in different groups, according to their demographics, buying behavior and dozens of other data points.

Previously, Glew had 24 pre-built customer segments and the ability to create your own custom segments, as well as sync with your ESP provider (like Mailchimp and Klaviyo) for targeted communications.

One of our most popular features in the app, customer segmentation in Glew helps user gain deep insights into their customers and the best ways to drive valuable acquisition and retention. Customer segmentation helps answer questions like:

  • Who's buying from me?
  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • What channels do my most valuable customers come from?
  • What products do my most valuable customers buy?
  • What customers do I need to target for win-back campaigns?
  • Which customers are ready to become repeat purchasers?
  • Which of my customers are most receptive to discounts and promotions?
  • Which customers are the best candidates to become brand advocates?
  • Which customers should I consider my VIPs?

Customer Segments 2.0

Our Customer Segments 2.0 update is a complete overhaul of our customer segmentation features, including more options for customer segments, additional data sources, better filtering capabilities, improved reporting and more.

The update includes:

  • More pre-built customer segments, including Zendesk Support Tickets, Loyalty Lion Customers, Yotpo Reviews and more
  • Improved reporting across segments, with over 40 unique KPIs and more than 30 unique charts and data visualizations
  • Enhanced filtering capabilities for custom segments, with more than 55 filterable metrics and 15 filterable product metrics
  • Additional data sources available for customer segments, including Loyalty Lion, Yotpo and Zendesk
  • Additional metrics and capabilities like RFM, percentile filtering and more

What you can do

What can you do with Customer Segments 2.0 in Glew? The options are (almost) unlimited.

View unique KPIs and insights for each customer segment

KPIs and Insights for each segment will show unique metrics and visualizations specific to that segment. For example, the segment Loyalty Lion Customers will feature KPIs like Loyalty Lion New Members, Participation Rate, Points Approved and Points Spent, while the Zendesk Support Tickets segment will have KPIs like Tickets Created, Tickets Open and Tickets Closed.

Filter data across connected platforms

Filtering will be available across platforms like ecommerce cart, loyalty platform and support platform, giving you a holistic view of your customers and their interactions with your store. For example, you'll be able to see all Shopify customers who have purchased 2 or more times this year, with an AOV of greater than $50, who have an open Zendesk ticket.

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Cross-platform filtering across your ecommerce cart and customer support platform

Gain insight into products purchased by customer segment

This update features an improved "Products Purchased" table within each segment, including the option to view variant or configurable products, and filter to drill down into specific groupings of products purchased by that segment, including by product revenue, margin, COGS, refunds and more.

Access RFM metrics and insights

You'll be able to access powerful RFM reporting capabilities, based on the Recency, Frequency, Monetary value model that measures how recently a customer has purchased (R), how often they purchase (F), and how much they spend when they purchase (M). You'll see individual R, F and M values for each customer, as well as a total RFM score and an RFM weighted score.

Filter customer segments based on percentiles

Glew's pre-defined customer segments help you easily identify some of your highest-value customers by revenue, spend, AOV and more. But you can also use percentile filtering to create more customized segments (for example, customers in the 90th percentile of revenue). You can also adjust the default percentiles on Glew's pre-defined segments, like Big Spenders.

Percentile filtering for customer segments

Export more impactful data

Several updates to our customer segment exports will help you extract more meaningful data from Glew and manipulate it more easily, including CSV exports that will only include the metrics you are currently viewing, and exporting all segments a customer is part of, for easy filtering or pivoting in spreadsheets.

Changes you'll see in Glew

We’re incredibly excited about this update, which gives you more flexibility and customization, as well as more powerful reporting for your customer segments. Here are a few additional changes you’ll notice in Glew:

  • Discontinued or renamed segments: The Recently Refunded, Big Ticket Spenders and Small Ticket Spenders segments will be discontinued. Paying Customers will now be All Customers, and Favorites will now be VIP Customers.
  • Sunsetting the Future Value tab: The Future Value tab will eventually be sunset, as the metrics from that tab will be included within the relevant customer segments. You'll find these under Lifetime segments (Never Purchased, Single Purchase and Multi-Purchase) as well as the Active, At Risk and Lost segments.
  • Updated refunds model: We updated our refunds model to base our calculations on the refund date rather than the purchase date.

Questions about our Customer Segments 2.0 update? Let us know!

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