Bringing it All Together: 4 Funnels to Drive Sales and Increase Profits

July 25, 2019


We’ve spent time talking about a lot of different concepts under the umbrella of ecommerce analytics, from customer segmentation to product analytics to lapse point.

In this webinar, we share how you can bring those elements together to create four high-impact funnels - based on your customers and your goals - to help you drive more sales, retain more customers and grow your bottom line.

We share tips and show you how to build successful marketing funnels designed for:

  • Timing optimization: When (and how) should you reach out to your active, at-risk and lost customers to ensure retention?
  • Purchase behavior: What products should you promote to which customers to help you upsell and increase average order value?
  • Prebuilt customer segments: How should you strategically market to groups like VIP customers and value shoppers?
  • Custom segments: What unique customer segments can you create and market to based on your demographics and goals?

For more information, watch our Glew Academy videos on lapse point, customer segmentation and buying order spectrum analysis. Plus, see Mark's slides from the webinar!

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