How to Maximize Your Profitability with Product LTV

April 18, 2019


Merchants often think of LTV in terms of customers - how much revenue will your customers generate for you, over the course of their entire relationship with your brand?

But if you use Glew, you know that thinking about LTV only through the lens of customers leaves a wealth of data - and potential profit - on the table. There's LTV by channel - which of your marketing and advertising channels are helping you acquire the highest-LTV customers? And, of course, there's product LTV - which products are your highest-LTV customers actually purchasing?

In this webinar, we'll look at how LTV on a product level, as a piece of buying order spectrum analysis, helps you answer critical questions like:

  • In what order do my highest-paying customers buy things?
  • What are the tastes of my highest-paying customers?
  • How do I acquire - and upsell - more customers like my highest-paying customers?
  • How do I turn regular customers into subscribers?

Plus, see our slides from the webinar.

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