Actionable Product Insights

June 22, 2022


Whether you have 10 SKUS or 1,000, it's critical to understand your product performance. Product analytics help you see what's working and what's not, set smart pricing strategies, drive marketing and purchasing decisions, and grow your business more profitably.

For this Glew University webinar, we do a deep dive on product analytics and reporting and share how you can get powerful product insights from Glew Pro.

We cover:

  • Identifying customer behavior trends - what products drive high conversion rates, repeat purchases, LTV, AOV, bundling?
  • Identifying customer characteristics - what products do high-spending customers buy vs. discount shoppers?
  • Tracking hot and cold products to better manage inventory and cash flow
  • Using data to develop product strategy that drives customers to take specific actions - buy more frequently, spend more, etc.

Plus, check out our slides from the webinar.

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