How to Make Discounts and Returns Work for You

November 4, 2019


There are two things in the ecommerce world that get a bad rap when it comes to your bottom line: discounts and returns.  

Discounts eat away at profits and lower your perceived value, while returns drive up your costs and artificially inflate your sales numbers. Right? Well - like most things, it's more complicated than that.

In this webinar, we join forces with our friends at Returnly to explore why - and what you can do to make these so-called "bottom-line killers" work for you.

Mark Miano, EVP of Sales at, and Jon Feldman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Returnly, cover:

  • Why do discounts and returns get a bad rap - and is it fair?
  • Why you should treat your return process as an asset, not a liability
  • Innovative ways to use returns to your advantage
  • How do you know when to discount?
  • What products should you discount - and what customers should you offer discounts to?
  • Understanding the profitability of your discounts

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