BFCM Series #3: Data-Driven Strategies for Customer Acquisition

November 16, 2020


This year, Glew is hosting a series of webinars designed to help you get the most out of your BFCM data, and use it to develop successful strategies for this holiday season and beyond.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’re hosting four sessions that will take you from your initial BFCM strategy to acquiring the right customers and understanding how to retain them, even after the holidays are over.

For our third session, we're covering data-driven strategies for customer acquisition, and how you can make your marketing channels work smarter for you this holiday season. We go over:

  • What's different about customer acquisition during BFCM this year
  • How to keep your channels and campaigns profitable amid rising costs and increased competition
  • Optimizing timing for launch, time of day, day of week and more
  • Customer segmentation for successful holiday email marketing
  • How to identify the best products to lead with for acquisition
  • Monitoring performance so you’re ready to pivot in real-time
  • Our favorite customer acquisition hacks, including customer tags and lookalike audiences from customer segments

View our slides from the third session here.

Quick hits:

  • 2:22: Topic overview: what's different about marketing during BFCM this year, and how you can use data to respond to those trends and drive customer acquisition
  • 4:05: Rising Facebook advertising costs and competition - understanding what level of paid advertising is viable for your business during the holiday season
  • 5:50: Identifying your highest-converting and most profitable campaigns, ad sets and ads, as well as the highest-lifetime value campaigns
  • 7:16: Looking at historical performance data, and isolating last year's BFCM data to understand what advertising strategies worked well for you
  • 11:29: Email campaign strategy and how to stand out in crowded holiday inboxes
  • 12:35: Using customer segments based on buyer behavior and data points to understand who you're targeting with your email marketing
  • 13:12: Identifying your VIP customers to prioritize them for special offers, early access and other holiday perks
  • 14:15: Identifying last year's holiday and Q4 customers and tactics to entice them to come back this year
  • 16:30: Making your offers stand out with targeted messaging and exclusivity
  • 18:59: The BFCM and holiday shopping is starting earlier than ever - understanding when to launch and how to optimize timing for your campaigns based on your sales cycle and seasonality
  • 20:21: Identifying your best time of day and day of week for revenue and conversion from different channels
  • 23:11: Customers are searching for deals and quality - how do you identify the best products to lead with for acquisition and optimize products for conversion
  • 24:00: Optimizing product descriptions for search terms and product pages for usability and conversion
  • 24:48: Identify which products were most popular during last holiday season - see which ranges and collections your shoppers are most interested in and what you should promote
  • 28:01: Using hot and cold products and period-over-period comparisons to identify trends and products that are peaking or plateauing
  • 29:02: Planning for pivots in this season of unknowns - what data and reporting do you need to plan effectively?
  • 30:49: Setting up automated daily and weekly reports for channel and product performance to help you identify issues and opportunities in real-time (including reports by first-order and last-click attribution)
  • 36:21: Top customer acquisition and data hacks and tips, including using customer tags to identify different customer groups based on purchase date, discount code usage and more

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