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One of our clients is a large online alcohol retailer.

Our client (we’ll call them G&T) signed up with Glew Enterprise in August 2017. G&T allows customers to order premium alcohol and barware online for delivery. They partner with most major alcohol manufacturers to sell direct to consumer.

Since signing up with Glew, G&T is:

  • Up more than 80% in revenue year to date
  • Up more than 45% in conversion year to date


They reached out to Glew because they wanted to be able to:

  • Gain insight into data that they previously couldn’t access
  • Better understand/rank the performance of the brands and products they sell
  • See how brands and products perform within their categories
  • Provide the brands they partner with more insight into key metrics


G&T uses Glew Enterprise integrations, intelligent warehouse and industry data products to provide key sales metrics for their products and brands, as well as analyze each brand/product in the context of its category.

G&T’s instance of Glew Enterprise also allows each of their partner brands to log into their own account to track their individual performance.

For example, G&T’s internal team can see all metrics for all brands and products, including exact data on rankings and market share. This lets them aggregate sitewide performance and compare brands and products across categories.

However, an external team at Gin Brand 1 can log into G&T’s Glew Enterprise app to see a dashboard specific to their brand, without accessing data on any other brand.

Sample dashboard- internal view

Sample dashboard - internal view

Deep insights into brand performance

Glew empowers G&T and their partners to make smarter business decisions through deep insights into their brands and products. Through Glew Enterprise, G&T users can filter data by:

  • Brand, product or category
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly aggregation
  • Date range

Using those filters, G&T can easily access the right views for key metrics, including:

  • Total number of brands and products in a given category
  • Category rankings
  • Product rankings
  • Market share
  • Performance by channel
  • Product sales YoY
  • New vs. repeat customers
  • Orders by location

Sample dashboard showing category rankings

Sample dashboard showing market share

Sample dashboard showing product rankings

Sample dashboard showing a heatmap for category sales by brand

Glew worked closely with G&T to develop the integrations and create the filters, metrics and visualizations they needed for both internal and external use. Our Glew Enterprise dashboards are customized for each client.

Major Impact

G&T uses Glew’s reporting and analytics to:

  • Devise data-driven sales and marketing strategies for each brand and product
  • Help determine on-site product placements and promotions
  • Target demographic groups based on category and brand trends
  • Provide detailed analytics to stakeholders
  • Negotiate performance-based compensation with partners

Glew’s reporting also helps G&T identify specific areas of opportunity for their brand partners - whether that’s growing sales in a specific state or increasing response rate on Facebook ads - and empower them to act on those opportunities for growth. With access to Glew data, G&T and their partners are equipped with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Major Results

G&T has seen impressive results over the past several months. Part of their success is gaining insight to data that they were unable to access before, and using that data to make smart decisions for their business. Glew is honored to be a part of G&T’s growth strategy.

Year to date, G&T has seen:

  • More than 80% increase in revenue
  • More than 45% increase in conversion

G&T’s hallmark brands, including many of the top alcohol manufacturers in the world, were some of the first to roll out Glew, and they have also seen significant growth on the G&T platform:

Based on feedback from these G&T brands and others, Glew is currently collaborating with G&T to roll out additional custom analytics and reporting to continue to grow their business, including promotion code reporting and expanded demographic data.

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