How Fore Ladies Golf is Growing a One-Woman Business with Glew

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Fore Ladies Golf founder Jessica Benzing started golfing as a way to spend time with her husband - and quickly discovered a lack of options for women's golf clothes. A marketer by trade, she took matters into her own hands and started Fore Ladies Golf in 2017.

Jessica moved her site to BigCommerce in May 2018, and immediately saw a jump in sales. The only problem? She couldn't tell where those sales were coming from, or where she needed to focus her efforts to drive growth.

Without a marketing department to turn to, Jessica began looking for a tool that could help her quickly identify what was working - and what wasn't.

Since Jessica started using Glew, she's been able to gain more insight into her sales and inventory, run more profitable marketing campaigns, create more impactful customer communications, and see continued growth for her one-woman business.

With Glew, Fore Ladies Golf has enjoyed:

  • Instant access to ecommerce KPIs, ad spend and campaign performance - critical for a solo entrepreneur
  • Greater understanding of customer acquisition and ability to better prioritize and optimize marketing efforts across channels
  • Smarter inventory management, keeping costs low while meeting customer demand
  • Customer segmentation for more targeted, effective communications and marketing campaigns


Founded in Plainfield, Illinois in 2017, Fore Ladies Golf started as a small operation with just a few vendors. After switching her ecommerce site from WooCommerce to BigCommerce in 2018, founder Jessica Benzing saw a jump in sales and quickly found that she had a successful business on her hands.

With orders flowing in, Jessica discovered a problem - she had no way of knowing where her customers were coming from, and needing to check separate dashboards for several different platforms every day was making it difficult to stay on top of her performance metrics and ad spend.

Overwhelmed, Jessica found that it was increasingly difficult to tell what was working, what wasn't, and what she needed to do to continue to scale Fore Ladies Golf effectively - especially as a solo entrepreneur.


Realizing she needed a solution for reporting and analytics, Jessica started using Glew for Fore Ladies Golf in June 2019. She quickly discovered that Glew had everything she needed to report on her ecommerce sales, ad campaigns, inventory and more, in one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Today, Glew's Daily Snapshot helps Jessica stay on top of her key performance indicators. Performance metrics allow her to easily analyze her Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, see what's working and adjust what's not - including switching agencies when she realized their ads weren't performing. Inventory reporting helps inform her ordering process - by vendor, SKU and even size - so she can manage her budget while ensuring consistent stock levels. And Glew's customer segmentation enables her to run targeted campaigns to her VIP customers, discount shoppers and more in Klaviyo, building customer loyalty while driving profitability.

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