How Monica + Andy is Streamlining Business Intelligence with Glew

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Leading children's retailer Monica + Andy entered 2020 facing reporting and analytics challenges. Relying on multiple platforms for data pipeline and ETL, data warehousing and reporting, they lacked a clear place to go to find answers in their data - and the coordination of multiple subscriptions was unsustainable for their small team.

After being introduced to Glew in early 2020, Monica + Andy quickly realized that Glew integrated with more of their data sources and could get them up and running with reporting faster than their current platforms. In April 2020, they made the switch to Glew.

Today, the Monica + Andy team uses Glew to empower their entire organization with data, from standard analytics to custom report creation and their own dedicated enterprise analytics application.

  • All-in-one solution replaced three separate vendors for data pipeline and ETL, data warehouse and reporting and analytics
  • Data stored and report-ready in a single location ensures the same source of truth, organization-wide
  • Streamlined setup and easy access to data eliminates manual reporting and integration tasks, saving team members up to 2 hours per day
  • Combination of out-of-the-box analytics, custom reports created by Glew and access to Mode allows for instant insights, plus ongoing data exploration


At the beginning of 2020, Monica + Andy was using a combination of three separate vendors for data pipeline and ETL, data warehousing and business intelligence to solve their reporting and analytics needs.

The team found complexities and inefficiencies in managing multiple subscriptions. Every time they needed to build a data connection or create a report, they had to repeat the process and communicate across multiple vendors, slowing down their time to value and limiting their access to critical insights.


Monica + Andy was introduced to Glew in early 2020, and quickly discovered that the platform was an all-in-one solution for their business intelligence needs. With data pipeline and ETL, data warehouse and reporting and analytics in a single subscription, the Monica + Andy team was able to get up and running faster.

Data connections were easier, requiring only an API key or login credentials rather than technical resources. Templates made new report creation faster. And the team was able to seamlessly recreate existing reports from their previous vendor in a matter of weeks.

Today, the Monica + Andy team uses Glew to empower everyone in their organization with access to data:

  • Out-of-the-box analytics, including the Daily Snapshot report, provide instant access to daily KPIs for stakeholders
  • Custom reports, created by the Glew Advisory Service team, provide deeper insights for more complex analytics use cases, including custom revenue reports, merchandising and more
  • With built-in access to Mode, the Monica + Andy team is able to build their own reports for exploratory data analysis and answer questions in real-time - including analyzing customers by geographic location, and measuring virtual class attendees
  • Their own whitelabeled analytics app will allow users to easily filter for relevant reports using group permissions, as well as share performance reports with investors

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