How Oatly is Scaling U.S. Ecommerce Operations with Glew

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Food and Beverage
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Google Analytics, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Amazon, ReCharge

Leading oat drink company Oatly entered the U.S. market and began selling direct-to-consumer for the first time in 2017. After ramping up production to meet demand, Oatly is gaining insight into their ecommerce and subscription data and laying the groundwork for future ecommerce expansion with Glew.

Oatly entered theU.S. market and began selling direct to-consumer

2017- 2018
Growing consumer demand quickly outstripped supply

Increased manufacturing capacity; saw an opportunity to reach consumers via ecommerce subscriptions

Added Glew as reporting and analytics solution; gaining insight into ecommerce performance as they look toward future expansion

With Glew, Oatly has enjoyed:

  • Saved time, greater efficiency and more accuracy in ecommerce reporting
  • Data from across sales and marketing channels in one place, with an intuitive user experience
  • Instant access to critical KPIs across customers, products, channels and subscriptions
  • Reporting insights that are helping to lay the groundwork for future ecommerce and subscription expansion in other markets


Founded in Sweden in 1990, Oatly began selling direct-to-consumer in the U.S. in 2017 - and consumer demand far exceeded their expectations. The summer of 2018 saw the "Great Oatmilk Shortage," as Oatly worked to increase manufacturing capacity.

In early 2019, Oatly expanded their manufacturing capabilities with new facilities and began to scale their ecommerce operations, including reintroducing a subscription model. However, without a way to gather data, the team was relying on spreadsheets and manual calculations for reporting, and found it hard to access critical KPIs like lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue and repeat customer rate


Realizing they needed a better reporting and analytics solution, Oatly started using Glew in early 2020. They found that Glew had everything they needed to report on their ecommerce and subscription performance, in an easy, intuitive interface.

Powerful Shopify and Amazon integrations help Oatly track all of their ecommerce sales in one place. Performance analytics enable them to understand which channels are driving revenue and customer acquisition, and when they need to dial back or ramp up advertising to ensure sustainable growth. Plus, subscription dashboards help Oatly measure recurring revenue and break out subscriptions and one-time purchases.

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