Glew Helps Blume Re-Define Its Ecommerce Data Strategy

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Meet Blume: the go-to acne fighting, healthy skin focused, skin barrier boosting brand.

Blume was female-founded by Bunny + Taran, two sisters on a mission to break boundaries and smash taboos. To make self-care easier and healthier, and to help shift the narrative away from perfect skin and towards healthy skin.

They're all up in your bathroom with products that are good for you, and the environment. Skin care and body care made clean, cruelty free & vegan in North America.


Prior to using Glew, Blume’s experience with data analysis had always been really manual and tedious.

They would often be looking at data, but having a hard time looking at trends week over week and month over month. It became increasingly difficult for their team having to try to remember each time the best way to pull the data, on top of how time consuming it was having to manually organize the data in excel spreadsheets trying make it useful for reporting.

Plus, they were spending all this time and effort trying to piece together insights based on data that wasn't entirely clear or accurate because of discrepancies.


Realizing they needed a better solution for reporting and analytics, Blume turned to Glew. They found that Glew had everything they needed to report on their ecommerce and subscription performance, in an easy, intuitive interface.

Glew stood out to the Blume team because it’s user-friendly, straightforward, fast to implement, and it would seamlessly integrate with all the other ecommerce platforms and tools they would need to create a powerful data stack.

With Glew, Blume has been able to:

  • Track key metrics like repeat customers, lifetime value, and profitability by channel
  • Slice and dice their data and be able look at it a bunch of different ways to help support top of funnel growth
  • Capture valuable insights like top products bundled to help improve their on-site placement and post-purchase strategies
  • Gain predictive value for better alignment of future business decisions that meet demand drive growth

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