How VIETRI Grew Their Ecommerce Business with Glew

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Founded in 2008, VIETRI is a leading luxury dinnerware retailer that found success and developed a loyal customer base primarily through wholesale relationships. While VIETRI had an ecommerce site, they didn't make it a strategic focus until early 2020, when wholesale operations were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, the company's founder and board decided to pivot to ecommerce first. Months later - with access to multichannel data and insights from Glew - VIETRI has successfully diversified their business and 3Xed their volume of online sales year-over-year.

With Glew, VIETRI gained:

  • Greater efficiency and more accuracy in ecommerce reporting
  • Instant access to critical KPIs across customers, products, inventory and marketing channels
  • Powerful customer segmentation for VIPs, value shoppers, lookalike audiences and more, leading to quick wins and more effective acquisition efforts
  • A shift from 8% to 30% ecommerce sales, and a 3X increase in online sales year-over-year


VIETRI had a successful luxury dinnerware business, driven largely by wholesale, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. Their wholesale relationships impacted, the company decided to invest in ecommerce, with the goal of shifting 80% of their sales to online.

After focusing their efforts on ecommerce, the VIETRI team quickly discovered that they didn't have a process in place for analytics and reporting, with no easy way to pull data or understand which segments, campaigns and products were performing best. VIETRI started using Glew in June 2020 and found a strong starting point for analytics and reporting, as well as a foundation for smarter, data-driven decision making.


With a strong foundation for analytics and reporting in place, the VIETRI team was able to dive deeper into their ecommerce performance and identify opportunities.

VIETRI uses Glew's automated Daily Snapshot to send daily performance KPIs to executives and stakeholders. They review monthly reports as a team to drive brainstorming and prioritization. Segmentation helps them understand who their most valuable customers are and when they repurchase, leading to quick email and SMS campaign wins.

Since pivoting to ecommerce and starting to use Glew, VIETRI has seen ecommerce grow from 8% to 30% of their total business, nearly tripling online sales from 2019.

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