How Sunflower Digital Scales DTC eCommerce Brands With Glew

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Sunflower Digital is an experienced growth marketing agency that helps direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce brands make the right digital marketing decisions to scale quickly and efficiently.

Founder & CEO, Sarah Skinner is a performance marketing executive and member of WE ARE THE BOARD with 16+ years of experience building brands digitally and growing DTC businesses.

As an experienced, data-driven marketer she successfully delivers proven growth strategies for clients across media & acquisition, website optimization, and retention & lifecycle marketing.


When she initially launched her new venture, Sarah started exploring different options for dashboard tools, including building custom dashboard with Google Data Studio - but it didn’t always function. It wasn’t in real time, requiring her to manually update spreadsheets to get the right data into one place and the upkeep was cumbersome and not ideal.

With other tools, she didn't find their dashboard or data to be helpful or user friendly for what she was trying to accomplish. She also struggled with limited access to critical customer data that was unavailable to get from Shopify, Google Analytics or anywhere else.

Eventually her search led her to Glew, discovering an already built solution for what she was looking for, so she reached out and got set up with the platform. Since then, she has successfully provided Glew as a value-added service as part of the core offering for all of her clients.


Insights from Glew have enabled Sunflower Digital to:

  • Access customer-level data for insights into lifetime value, purchase behavior, and profitability metrics.
  • Use dashboards to visualize performance data across customers, products, channels, and subscriptions.
  • Leverage data from product bundling reports to help inform all kinds of marketing decisions around product.
  • Get an automated overview of daily performance metrics to stay on top of with Glew's Daily Snapshot report.

Sarah's advice to someone who might be considering Glew:

Real growth and profitability in an ecommerce business comes from understanding your CAC to LTV ratio. It’s one thing to drive ROAS, but if you’re not driving new customers and you’re not growing the LTV of those customers, then your business isn’t going to really scale.

I think one of the key reasons why you would want to invest in a tool like Glew, is so that you can understand what those metrics are quite easily - without having to do a lot of data manipulation on the back end. You can come armed with those metrics right away.

And it’s also what every investor is going to ask for. They’re all going to want to know those numbers before they consider investing in your business. So in that sense, it’s especially critical to have and to know those metrics.

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