Post-Holiday Retention & The Key to Lifelong Customers

December 8, 2022


As a follow up to our 2022 BFCM webinar, this webinar focuses on post-holiday retention and strategies for turning your holiday shoppers into lifelong customers. We hope you gain valuable insight into how to use your data to drive retention among your shoppers this holiday season.


  • Why it's critical to have a data-driven strategy for customer retention after the holidays
  • How to identify your new holiday customers and their buying behaviors, including products purchased and attribution channels
  • Using lapse point and customer status to develop smart retention strategies
  • The best channels and technologies for customer retention and how to track them, including email, SMS and more
  • How to set yourself up for stronger long-term relationships with the right upfront experience

Plus, check out our slides from the webinar here.

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