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Ecommerce Analytics: 15 Tips for Measuring Your Store’s Performance

An Overview of Ecommerce AnalyticsEcommerce analytics is a tool designed to help you gather and analyze large amounts of data to produce actionable in

7 Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools for 2022

How do ecommerce analytics tools help businesses?The US ecommerce industry was worth $870 billion in 2021. The pandemic, along with a desire for retai

11 Ecommerce KPIs You Should Be Tracking

What are Ecommerce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?An ecommerce KPI is a measurable value that assesses the effectiveness of an ecommerce store in a

Ecommerce Business Intelligence: Definitions, Benefits, Use Cases, and Tools

Imagine having the power to instantly make faster and better decisions, understand and resonate with your customers on a deeper level, and run your ec

What is LTV to CAC?

We don't need to tell you this, but running an online business isn’t without challenges. There are sales and marketing, numerous time-consuming operat

Guide to Data Analytics Tools: Features, Benefits and How to Choose the Right One

Whether you’re an experienced data analyst or just learning how to interpret data to improve business performance, you know there’s no shortage of dat

Why LTV Metrics Matter for Your Advertising Strategy (and How You Can Measure Them)

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of their paid campaigns, most marketers look for immediate results. And for good reason – online advertis

An Overly Analytical Approach to Optimizing Your Ecommerce Store

Updated: September 23, 2020 So - you sell things online. You have a product that a lot of people really want. You’ve taken the time to develop or man

Benefits of Customer Analysis and How to Leverage It

When it comes to retail and ecommerce, it’s all about the numbers — not just revenue and profit, but data that gives you insight into how your custome

What is Marketing Analytics? A Comprehensive Guide

A business’ marketing can encompass a wide range of activities and efforts, from paid ads to social media to email, influencers, SEO and more. And tha

How To Visualize Data: 5 Powerful Examples of Data Visualization

If you’ve ever looked at a spreadsheet full of data, you’re probably familiar with that overwhelming feeling of information overload. And if you’re a

The 5 Best Ways to Learn Data Analytics (And How to Take Advantage of Them)

As a small business owner, you’ve likely heard two words over the past few years that may both intrigue and intimidate you – Big Data. At one time, d