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Gain Deeper Insights Into Your Magento Data By Blending ERP, Marketing Channels, Subscriptions Data & More

December 14, 2023

Blend Your Magento Data & Unlock New Insights

There are several key data metrics that are important for monitoring and optimizing the performance of Magento stores. These metrics can help store owners and administrators understand customer purchase behavior, track revenue performance, and identify areas for improvement. 

Imagine blending data from Magento tables with any integration you have connected and analyzing that data using Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, or any BI tool of your choice.

Integrations that are key to blend with Magento and some of the common joins include:

  • Gorgias & Zendesk: Review tickets, users and surveys and analyze by channels, products, sales, or customer segments, join customer email address or order_id from Magento to analyze sales, products, or even channel attribution
  • Ordergroove and Recharge with Magento joins on Customers and Orders.
  • Netsuite, Cin7, DEAR Systems, Brightpearl: Analyze inventory, sales, or journals based on product and order joins from Magento
  • Yotpo Loyalty and Yotpo Reviews with Magento joins on SKU data to understand  product performance with customer ratings
  • Shipstation, Shipmonk and Shiphero with Magento joins on orders to get shipping status and tracking insights by order, including item level data
  • GA4, Mixpanel merged with Magento on product performance through landing page views, default and first user attributions, and goals
  • Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, Channel Advisor: Marketplace orders data blended with Magento for a complete global sales view.
  • Amazon Ads, Meta, Tiktok, Adwords, Bing Ads, Criteo, Awin, Rakuten, Refersion, blended together for total marketing spend with sales data from Magento for better understanding on customer acquisition costs and overall return on marketing spend.

Top Metrics and Dashboards We See From Our Customers

  • Product Performance: Top Products by Units Sold, Revenue, AOV, etc.
  • Order Conversions: Which attribution channels are providing the highest conversion rate
  • Inventory Performance: Blending inventory aging data with transaction data to get key metrics such as Sell Through Rate, Depletion Days, Out of Stock Dates, Inventory Costs on Hand.
  • Global Business Dashboard: Blend Walmart and Amazon Marketplace data with Magento to see your different marketplace sales and ecommerce orders.
  • Splitting Customer Groups: How do your Direct to Consumers interact with your site vs your B2B customers? Gain deeper insights into the strategies that are working to attract and upsell each group.

View Glew’s Data Dictionary for a full list of fields and tables available for reporting.

Connect Magento to Glew Commerce Data Cloud in Seconds

Users of the Glew Commerce Data Cloud and Magenta platforms can easily connect both platforms with only a couple of clicks using our secure Oauth process:

Magento and Glew Commerce Data Cloud Pre-Built KPI's 

Customer Segments

  • Over 30 pre-defined customer segments including new vs repeat customers, high AOV, big spenders, etc.
  • Or wIth over 75 metrics at your disposal, create your own unlimited custom segments

Product Analytics

  • Historical Inventory
  • COGS - measure product profitability with COGS analysis

Channel Attribution

  • Using the transaction_id from GA4 and the order_id from Magento we are able to provide channel, campaign, and ad level summaries using first order or last click attribution models

Reporting Automation

  • Daily snapshot
  • Automate any report in and send via email daily, weekly or monthly

All-in-one Data Pipeline, Data Warehouse, & Business Intelligence Platform

Glew is a one-stop-shop for your data pipeline (ELT), intelligent data warehouse, and reporting (BI) needs. Ecommerce stores utilizing Magento for their store performance can import their data directly into the Glew Commerce Data Cloud using Glew’s proprietary ELT and data cleansing process. This fully automated process allows your data engineers, business intelligence analysts, and department heads to dedicate more time on strategic decision-making using real-time data and less time manually creating and managing reports in Excel. The Magento integration will empower teams across the company access orders, customer, product, inventory, and attribution data. Allowing them to make key decisions in all aspects of your business.

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