Think Like an Agency: How RMG Drives Client Growth with Glew

March 20, 2020


There's no question about the value the right ecommerce agency can add when it comes to analyzing your data, identifying opportunities and developing strategies that drive growth - often streamlined for dozens of clients at the same time.

Ever wonder how they do it?

In this webinar, we talked with Alex Divinsky, Vice President of Strategy at RMG Media, to give you an inside look. You'll gain exposure to how a leading ecommerce agency that works with brands like Verizon, H-E-B and Hanky Panky drives growth for its clients - and get inspiration for how to think like an agency and apply those insights to your business.

We cover:

  • Why accurate multichannel data is critical for effective agency and business strategy
  • What data trends and indicators agencies look for when evaluating and strategizing for client accounts
  • How to roll out standardized, impactful reports that help you identify opportunities for growth
  • Actionable tips for merchants in evaluating, strategizing and tracking performance for their own businesses

Quick hits

  • 4:15: What it means to be a "business-building business" and how RMG plugs into existing businesses to focus on growing their digital presence and brand experiences.
  • 6:00: What core services RMG provides to clients, including creative experiences to drive brand authenticity, front-end and back-end development, quality assurance and dev ops, and everything required to bring a brand digital.
  • 9:06: RMG's strategy services, including digital marketing and business analytics, that help businesses understand where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.
  • 13:30: How Glew fits into RMG's strategy, including creating a shared vocabulary between RMG and their clientele.
  • 16:50: What impact RMG's strategy department, powered by Glew, has had on clients, like getting insights to clients faster and getting deeper insights, quicker.
  • 22:38: What data trends and indicators RMG looks at when evaluating client accounts for opportunities, including site performance and user experience, seasonality, conversion rate, return on ad spend per channel and customer lifetime value per channel.
  • 25:56: A framework for developing marketing strategy and campaigns around acquisition timing and seasonality throughout the year - not just during the holidays.
  • 29:30: The importance of understanding whether you're a high- or low-conversion rate business and what that tells you about what you should focus on.
  • 34:18: Qualitative vs. quantitative analysis - and why businesses need both.
  • 38:50 - How RMG keeps clients informed about their progress through strategic audits and goal-setting, quarterly reviews, automated reports and the ability to log into their own analytics accounts to monitor in real-time.

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