Ecommerce Investor Insights

July 20, 2022


The amount of competition that is out there for ecommerce businesses is enormous – and it’s continuing to grow as more and more stores introduce an online cart to keep up with the increase of consumers purchasing online. Understanding your performance and how it impacts your bottom line is critical if you want to stay competitive.

In this Glew University session, our Director of Finance and Head of Client Success for Glew Pro team up to discuss how to leverage Glew's metrics and reports to help create more attractive and relevant presentations for ecommerce investors.

We cover:

  • What investors look for in the ecommerce world
  • Why these metrics are important to investors
  • How they signify success of an ecommerce business
  • Where to find these metrics in Glew
  • How to build reports and share these metrics

Plus, check out our slides from the webinar.

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