Creating a Game Plan for Growth: How to Close the Loop in Your Ecommerce Strategy

June 30, 2020


By now, it’s clear: the ecommerce industry is changing rapidly.

Years' worth of developments have been compressed into just a few months. Consumers are shopping online more than ever, retail brands are placing more focus on DTC, and ecommerce is growing rapidly as a percentage of all sales - from 11% to over 30% this year alone.

That means there’s a lot of opportunity for brands selling online right now.

The best way to capitalize on that opportunity? Aligning all the moving pieces of your business - from your online storefront to your customer acquisition to your reporting and analytics - and making sure they’re working together to help you scale.

In this panel Q&A, in partnership with BigCommerce and MuteSix, we cover:

  • What smart merchants are doing now to capitalize on changing consumer behavior
  • Which changes merchants are making to their storefronts to make online shopping easier
  • Winning advertising channels and strategies
  • What data merchants and marketers can trust to provide the best feedback loop right now
  • The KPIs merchants can look at to identify their best opportunities for growth

Plus, see our slides from the webinar.

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