How Successful Ecommerce Leaders Use Their Data

February 21, 2019


Many companies in the ecommerce space have a major problem. They don't understand how much money they're making, through which channels and from which customers.

Those 3 things are the building blocks of a successful strategy that allows you identify your most profitable channels and customers - and then optimize them for growth. And that's what separates successful ecommerce businesses from the competition.

We teamed up with Gauge for this webinar on how successful ecommerce leaders use their data, hosted by Mark Miano, VP of Sales at Glew, and Daniel Augustine, CTO at Gauge. Listen to learn about:

  • Why companies have a hard time accessing and synthesizing the right data
  • How data and informed decisions can make the difference for successful companies
  • How you can access the metrics you need to scale your business more easily
  • How to use that data to make smarter strategic decisions - like what products to promote and when, which channels to invest in, which customers to prioritize and when to reach them, and more

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