Building a Tech Stack to Transform Fulfillment

July 30, 2020


If you sell online, you know how important it is to effectively manage your inventory and fulfillment. It's what helps you control product costs, improve cash flow, gain transparency into sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

That means it's critical to have insight into your inventory and fulfillment data - and that starts with incorporating your physical warehouse into your digital tech stack.

In this webinar, Glew and Peoplevox help you make sense of your inventory and fulfillment data to optimize processes and drive profitability. We go over:

  • Real examples of ecommerce tech stacks, and how platforms like Glew and Peoplevox work together to power fulfillment operations and reporting
  • How to manage inventory KPIs and stay on top of stock levels to meet demand without overselling
  • Data-driven strategies for reordering and discounting to keep inventory costs low while driving profits
  • Increasing customer loyalty and retention by optimizing fulfillment processes Examples of actionable inventory and fulfillment reports

Quick hits

  • 4:06: How Glew and Peoplevox work together to bring greater visibility and drive profitability in all of your ecommerce operations
  • 5:48: Examples of ecommerce tech stacks featuring both Glew and Peoplevox, and how Glew and Peoplevox connect with other platforms, from marketing automation to ERP solutions
  • 6:50: Why a "single source of truth" isn't always the goal and having a distributed tech stack with specialized solutions is ideal, as long as you have an analytics solution that can pull data across all of them
  • 9:58: Common differences in tech stacks between DTC, wholesale and B2B companies
  • 13:45: Why a BI tool is useful as a single place to connect data from across your business - and why you shouldn't rely on your operational tools for analytics and reporting
  • 19:27: Peoplevox data points you have access to through Glew
  • 28:47: What inventory KPIs you should managing, and how you can report on them in and through custom reporting
  • 31:53: Differentiating KPIs between warehouse performance (orders picked per hour per person, orders packed per hour per person) and connecting the dots for broader insights, like managing inventory data and warehouse placements for discounting and sale events
  • 36:06: How effectively managing inventory data can help you avoid the bad PR that comes with overpromising and underdelivering on sales and product launches, and managing demand and expectations when circumstances change
  • 43:05: Using customer segments in Glew to identify the right audience for discounts to help you move slow products, without diluting your overall customer mix
  • 45:27: How to use your fulfillment operations as a lever for retention, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • 48:37: Pulling data to determine fulfillment experiences based on rewards or loyalty points, customer support tickets and more

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