How The Little Market is Driving Customer Retention with Glew

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How The Little Market is Driving Customer Retention with Glew

The Little Market is a nonprofit, fair trade shop that works with artisan and producer groups around the world to ethically source and sell fair trade products and benefit underserved communities. The Little Market works with 65 artisan groups in 25 countries worldwide.

Looking for greater insight into their ecommerce data, The Little Market began using Glew in September 2019. Since then, The Little Market team has been able to access critical marketing and product insights, and drive customer retention through targeted email and SMS campaigns.

With Glew, The Little Market has enjoyed:

  • Greater accuracy in ecommerce reporting, including buying behavior, product trends, channel performance and lifetime value
  • Data from across sales and marketing channels in visual dashboards, with an intuitive user experience
  • Better understanding of multi-channel attribution and how marketing channels are impacting the bottom line
  • Powerful customer segmentation, including VIPs and first-time purchasers, to drive successful campaigns via email and SMS


Founded in 2013 after co-founders Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla met with artisan women on a trip to Tanzania and Uganda, The Little Market is dedicated to giving back and creating dignified economic opportunities for local makers around the world.

By providing a global platform for their products, The Little Market helps artisan women earn sustainable income and support their families.

In 2019, when The Little Market needed better insight into their ecommerce data in order to continue driving growth and impact, the team started using Glew with the goal of aligning their multichannel data in one place and identifying opportunities for customer acquisition and retention.

At a smaller company, it's so helpful to be able to see data at first glance and have both micro and macro levels of data depending on what you’re looking for, in one easy, visual dashboard.

Melissa Portillo

Ecommerce Director, The Little Market


With data connected across sales and marketing, The Little Market team was able to dive deeper into performance and identify opportunities across their business.

The Little Market uses Glew's product and inventory insights to optimize fulfillment decisions and know what to order, when. Glew's channel mapping model helps them understand attribution and lifetime value across marketing channels, including email, SMS, paid advertising on Google and Pinterest, and referrals.

And, with a 2020 goal of driving retention through targeted campaigns, The Little Market uses Glew's customer segments to identify VIP customers and deliver loyalty-building campaigns through Klaviyo and Attentive.

Glew definitely helped us get a better sense of what channels we needed to put more behind and really focus on, what channels weren’t really working for us, and what channels we could kind of just let play out.

Melissa Portillo

Ecommerce Director, The Little Market

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