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How to Be a Data-Driven Fashion Brand in 2020

February 21, 2020


Fashion brands face a unique set of challenges when it comes to data and analytics.

From omnichannel retailers struggling to connect online and offline sales to multiple departments with siloed data to inventories of ever-changing SKUs, it's hard to get everyone on the same page - or know what data you should focus on to drive growth.

The good news? In 2020, it's easier than ever to report on the KPIs that matter - and get the insights you need to better serve your customers, develop your brand and grow your business.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Reporting and analytics pain points for fashion and apparel, including omnichannel data, demand planning and cohort analysis
  • Key data sources and how to connect, analyze and visualize them in one place, including your ecommerce cart and point of sale, advertising and marketing channels, customer support and loyalty programs, inventory and fulfillment platforms and more
  • The most important KPIs and dashboards for fashion brands, from performance highlights to customer and product segments to inventory reporting
  • Use cases: custom reports in Glew, including product turnover, retail store KPIs, returns and refunds

Plus, see our slides from the webinar.

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