Holiday Analytics and Reporting Q&A

November 22, 2019


The busiest shopping season of the year is here, with Black Friday just weeks away. But the holidays don't end with BFCM - the weekend only kickstarts a marathon month of shopping, sales, and, of course, data.

As you kick your campaigns into high gear, we made our top ecommerce analytics experts available to answer all your questions about BFCM strategy, holiday analytics and reporting and more.

Watch to hear Glew's ecommerce analytics experts answer questions like:

  • What are the most important metrics for merchants to track during the holidays? What’s the best way to pull key insights out of the data?
  • What are some indicators that merchants should be on the lookout for during the holiday season to make sure that everything is working as expected?
  • How do you decide what products to discount/promote during the holidays?
  • How often should you change up your discounts/offers over the holiday season?
  • What are some key customer segments you should be targeting over the holidays?
  • What are key metrics merchants should look at after throughout the holiday season to understand their performance and make adjustments?

Plus, read a recap of the webinar.

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