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Yotpo Reviews Analytics and Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect Yotpo Reviews & Ratings data to ecommerce KPIs across all the tools you use to run your business, for comprehensive performance reporting in one place.

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  • Create customer segments in Glew based on reviews and ratings activity, for more targeted and personalized messaging.
  • Build custom reports and dashboards with data from Yotpo Reviews and Ratings blended across the rest of your tech stack.
  • Evaluate how your Yotpo Reviews and Ratings impact revenue, LTV, AOV and your bottom line.
  • Get automated reports with the data Glew pulls on your products, orders, reviews and Q&A data.
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Seamlessly integrate Yotpo into your multichannel reporting.

Glew makes it easy to see how reviews and ratings drive revenue for your business, connecting Yotpo to data from your ecommerce platform and other tools for comprehensive performance reporting across your business.

Easily identify and segment your most active customers and leverage them as brand advocates with targeted communications. Track your most-reviewed products and see how they're impacting revenue. Add Yotpo data to custom dashboards, automated reports and more for easy access to insights that drive growth.


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Yotpo Reviews + Cross-channel Reporting and Analytics

Integrate Yotpo with the rest of your tech stack - ecommerce, point of sale, marketing and advertising, and more - to connect, analyze and visualize your entire customer journey in one place.

Yotpo Reviews + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Segment your customers based on review and rating activity, blended with other KPIs and behavioral filters, for advanced reporting and more targeted marketing and communications.

Yotpo Reviews + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Access insights through Glew's out-of-the-box dashboards, create and deliver automated reports, or build your own custom reports to see how Yotpo Reviews and Ratings impacts performance metrics like revenue, average order value and lifetime value.

Connect Yotpo in just a few clicks using your Yotpo login.

Once your Yotpo data is imported and transformed, it will be available for custom reporting and dashboard creation.

Get started with Glew.

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How can I use Yotpo data in Glew?

Yotpo data is available to Glew Plus subscribers for custom report creation through Mode, Google Data Studio, or your BI tool of choice. Your custom reports can be accessed directly in Glew.io via BI Tunnel or through the Glew Enterprise app. Yotpo data will also be appended to customer records for customer segmentation and reports.

How do I integrate Glew and Yotpo Reviews?

Once your store is set up in Glew, visit Store Settings and select Yotpo from the list of integrations.

Once there, follow the steps to connect your Yotpo account:

1. Log into your administrator-level Yotpo account

2. Navigate to your Account Settings

3. Click on the Store tab and locate your API key and secret key

4. Copy your API key and secret key into the corresponding fields in Glew.

5. Review and save your integration.

6. Once you've connected any other integrations, import your data.

What Yotpo Reviews data does Glew collect?

Glew pulls your product, order, review, question and answer data from Yotpo hourly.

What Glew subscription do I need to use the Yotpo integration?

All available Yotpo data points can be used to create custom reports and dashboards through your Glew Plus subscription. Some data points, including product reviews, will also be added to customer records in Glew.io.

I'm a Glew user and I'm interested in Yotpo. How do I get started?

Explore Yotpo's suite of customer review, referral and loyalty products or request a demo at Yotpo.com.

I'm a Yotpo user and I'm interested in Glew. How do I get started?

Great! If you're a Yotpo user and you're interested in learning more about Glew, just schedule a demo with our team to discuss your reporting needs and learn more about Glew's Yotpo integration.