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Snapchat Ads Reporting and Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect Snapchat Ads with data from across your business in minutes, for unified Snapchat Ads reporting and analytics in one place.

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  • See Snapchat Ads performance alongside all your other ad platforms, email campaigns, and other channels
  • Access Glew's automated, pre-built ecommerce dashboards for Snapchat Ads KPIs, available instantly
  • Evaluate which Snapchat Ads and campaigns are helping you acquire the most new customers, at the lowest cost
  • Understand the true profitability of your Snapchat Ads campaigns now and long-term with lifetime value metrics
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The insights you need for a profitable Snapchat Ads strategy.

Connect your Snapchat advertising data with your ecommerce KPIs and other marketing channels for comprehensive reporting across your customer journey, from campaign to conversion.

Evaluate and optimize your Snapchat Ads strategy with performance metrics like ad spend, orders, revenue, AOV, LTV, new and repeat customers and profitability by campaign. Easily filter data to identify which campaigns and ads are working—and which ones aren't.

Compare Snapchat ad performance alongside all your other channels to get a unified view of marketing efforts and drive strategy across the board.


Ad spend
Return on ad spend
Click through rate
Conversion rate
Lifetime value
New customers
Repeat customers
Average order value by channel
Refunds by channel
Discounts by channel
Lifetime return on ad spend by channel
Lifetime value to customer acquisition cost by channel
New customer acquisition cost by channel
Profit per new customer by channel

Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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marketing analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Snapchat Ads + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Track your ad spend, orders, revenue, profitability and lifetime value in one place to see the value your Snapchat Ad campaigns are adding to your bottom line. See what's working and what's not, and optimize budgets for the greatest ROI.

Snapchat Ads +Customer Analytics and Reporting

See which Snapchat Ads campaigns are helping you drive customer acquisition and retention, and segment customers to evaluate purchase behavior. Focus your efforts on the strategies that are helping you acquire the most new customers.

Snapchat Ads +Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Get a holistic view of your marketing channel performance, with data from Snapchat Ads blended with Facebook, Instagram, email, influencers and more in one place. Easily compare KPIs across channels to make sure you're allocating your marketing resources in the most efficient way.

Connect your Snapchat Ads account easily in Glew using your Snapchat login.

As soon as your Snapchat Ads data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.


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