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Smile.io Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Glew’s Smile.io integration helps you get actionable insights about your rewards program, so you can drive customer retention and growth. See Smile.io data with all your other ecommerce tools and platforms for powerful custom reporting, analytics, and dashboards.

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  • See Smile.io rewards data at the individual customer level
  • Create customer segments based on reward points value
  • Access important KPIs like LTV and AOV by reward program segment and more
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Connect your ecommerce data with rewards data for powerful Smile.io analytics.

Your rewards program helps you build brand loyalty and turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. But to know if your rewards program is really working, you need to be able understand the impact to your bottom line.

Glew helps you connect data from Smile.io and your ecommerce store to measure and optimize your rewards  performance.

See your most active rewards program users. Identify rewards-based customer segments for targeted marketing. Plus, visualize how rewards drive ecommerce metrics like revenue, AOV, LTV and repeat purchases.


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Smile.io + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Get data like reward points and rewards tier on the customer level to see who's engaging with your loyalty program, and combine data from your ecommerce cart to see how rewards impact purchase behavior.

Smile.io + Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Create customer segments based on rewards activity or tier. Then, automatically push those segments to your email platform for targeted communications that drive engagement with your brand.

Smile.io + Performance Analytics and Reporting

Seamlessly combine Smile.io data with KPIs from your ecommerce cart to see the impact of your rewards program on your business, from revenue and repeat purchase rate to average order value and lifetime value.

Connect Smile.io with Glew in just a few clicks using your Smile.io account login.

As soon as your Smile.io data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.

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How can I use Smile data in Glew?

Smile data is available in Glew's Customers tab, on the All Customers table. There, you'll be able to see reward program usage on the individual customer level, create custom segments based on reward points, and see metrics like average order value and lifetime value by reward segment. This data can help you optimize your rewards and loyalty program, as well as develop unique strategies for different customer segments.

How do I integrate Smile with Glew?

It's easy to integrate your Smile data with Glew. Once your store is set up in Glew, just go to your Store Settings and select Smile from the integrations list. Then, you'll need to log into your Smile account to get your API keys. Add your API keys to Glew, follow the rest of the steps for integration listed in Store Settings, and your data will be ready to import.

What Smile data is available in Glew?

Glew currently pulls reward point value for individual customers from Smile. More data, including VIP tier and reward program status, is coming soon.

What Glew subscription do I need to use the Smile integration?

Glew's Smile integration is available with any Glew subscription - Glew.io, Glew Plus or Glew Enterprise.

I'm a Smile user and I'm interested in Glew. How do I get started?

If you're a Smile user and you want to check Glew out, you can sign up for a 10-day free trial - you'll be able to connect your Smile account and explore all our features during that window. Start your free trial, or click the chat window on this page to get in touch with our team!