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ShipStation Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

See your ShipStation data alongside your other multichannel data and make smarter shipping decisions.

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  • Track and measure important shipping KPIs like orders shipped, shipping costs, shipping paid, margin and more
  • Use Glew’s powerful filtering and segmentation for custom shipping reports and dashboard visualization
  • Compare your shipping data by carrier and drill down into shipping order data on an individual level
  • Understand how your shipping data impacts other important ecommerce metrics and KPIs like
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Powerful ShipStation analytics for smarter shipping decisions.

A better understanding of your shipping data means smarter decisions.

Glew helps you keep a close eye on shipping costs and margins so you’ll know whether you need to consider raising shipping or product prices, switching to a new carrier, or if it’s a good time for a discount or free shipping offer. You can even find major opportunities for growth - one Glew client saw their LTV skyrocket with higher shipping prices.

Glew pulls information on your shipments, fulfillments, orders, products, customers and warehouse from ShipStation hourly. Create custom shipping reports with the metrics you want and get them emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.


Shipping KPIs
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Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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product analytics

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Inventory analytics

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ShipStation + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Seamlessly integrate your shipping data from ShipStation alongside your other key metrics like revenue, channel performance and ad spend, customer and inventory data and more.

ShipStation + Shipping Carrier Analytics and Insights

Filter to see all data for one specific carrier, or use the Shipping Carrier Analysis dashboard to easily compare across carriers for orders shipped, total units, shipping paid, shipping costs and more.

ShipStation + Shipping Order Analytics and Reporting

Drill down into shipping data for individual orders, including order ID, customer email, shipping date and time, units sold, shipping paid by the customer, shipping cost and shipping carrier.

Connect ShipStation and Glew in minutes using your ShipStation login.

As soon as your ShipStation data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.


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