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RingCentral Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect RingCentral with data from across your business in minutes for unified RingCentral reporting and analytics in one place.

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  • See RingCentral data alongside Google Analytics, Facebook, Amazon, Google Ads, CRM, and more
  • Automate advanced RingCentral reports across your sales, marketing and support channels
  • Access powerful KPIs and visualizations instantly with Glew's multichannel ecommerce dashboards
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Powerful RingCentral analytics that drive growth.

Glew integrates with RingCentral to pull data on your accounts, extensions, call logs, calendar events, chats, teams, users and contacts, updated nightly.

Glew helps you analyze your RingCentral data to understand your customer support performance across all your channels, so you can ensure a customer experience that drives growth. Track and optimize support performance, segment customers by support activity, see how support impacts your bottom line and KPIs.

Glew connects RingCentral with all the other tools you use, for better and more powerful multichannel reporting and analytics in one place. That means you can identify opportunities, take action and see results, faster.


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RingCentral + Customer Analytics and Reporting

Get powerful RingCentral customer insights that help you understand purchase behavior, identify your most valuable customers and see exactly what you need to do to acquire and retain more customers like them.

RingCentral + Performance Reporting and Analytics

Connect RingCentral data to your ecommerce KPIs to understand how RingCentral activity impacts orders, returns, revenue, lifetime value and more - and identify opportunities to drive growth through support.

RingCentral + Omnichannel Analytics and Reporting

Evaluate your RingCentral data by channel - including calls, chat and messenger to ensure you're providing a customer experience that drives loyalty and engagement across every touchpoint.

Connect your RingCentral account easily in Glew using your RingCentral login.

As soon as your RingCentral data is imported and transformed, you'll be able to access it in Glew.


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