Returnly Analytics and Advanced Reporting

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Connect Returnly data to ecommerce KPIs across all the tools you use to run your business, for comprehensive performance reporting in one place.

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  • Leverage granular return data to optimize your current merchandise initiatives
  • Manage inventory planning by analyzing return data to understand which items have resell potential
  • Assess return details on both a single return level or collection of returns
  • Blend data from Returnly with the rest of your tech stack, from your marketing channels to your ecommerce cart
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Actionable data for powerful Returnly Analytics and Insights.

Glew integrates Returnly seamlessly with all the other apps and platforms you use to run your business, delivering powerful cross-channel analytics and advanced reporting.

From sales and marketing to customers, products and more, Glew makes it easy to understand and take action on your Returnly data with powerful, pre-built custom, dashboards and scheduled reports.

Glew integrates with Returnly to pull your data on your returns, return line items and return shipments hourly.


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Performance KPIs

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Customer analytics

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Inventory analytics

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Returnly + Product Analytics and Insights

Track hot and cold products,so you know the right time to re-order or discount. Inform marketing strategies with top products by channel. See KPIs for SKUs, categories and collections, inventory and vendors.

Returnly + Customer Purchase Behavior Analytics

Filter data to find your most valuable customers. Identify opportunities in your at-risk, active and lost segments. Understand customer purchase behavior so you can drive purchase frequency and AOV.

Returnly + Performance Analytics and Reporting

Track performance KPIs to troubleshoot issues and identify opportunities. Find out where you should be spending more or pulling back. And easily monitor all your data in one place, with pre-built dashboards and filterable tables.

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What's the difference between returns and refunds?

If you use Shopify, you may see a difference between your returns and refunds in Glew. That's because returns and refunds are considered as two distinct metrics in both Shopify and Glew.

A return is when goods pass from a customer back to you after a customer has made a purchase but decided not to keep it. A refund occurs when you pass the value of those goods back to the customer. A return deals with the purchased items, whereas a refund deals with the monetary value of the purchased items that you will issue the customer when you process a return.